Oblivion (Cinema Screening)


(Some spoilers)

After Tom Cruise’s last outing in ‘Jack Reacher’ I was excited to see Oblivion, the trailers looked unreal.  Unfortunately as is with most films these days, all the best bits were in the trailer.  Little was left to the imagination and the ‘twists’ were all easily predictable maybe except for one at the end.

However what Oblivion did offer was some stunning visuals (enjoyed the vast landscape shots) and some interesting characters.  One major casting error however was this – Why was Sigourney Weaver not cast as Sally!? The role was perfect for her, however this character still was the standout one for me.  The plot was clever and continued to unfold throughout which was good as you were constantly piecing together what happened.

The what you thought was the ending was satisfying (brilliant last line from Tom Cruise), however it should have been left at that instead of coping out for the eventual stereotypical happy ending that so many films opt for these days.



Oblivion didn’t live up to expectations, but was still an enjoyable viewing experience, which I will want to see again.

Rating – 6.5/10


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