Shooter (DVD Screening)


I love action movies, and I am easily pleased by most.  A few explosions and a decent car chase will keep me happy unfortunately Shooter has to be the worst ‘action’ movie I have ever seen – there would be more action in a period drama.

This film was unbelievably slow paced to the extent where I actually became bored and was thinking whether or not to finish the movie.  When an action sequence finally came it was so disappointing, it was unrealistic, unexciting and just as bad as the rest of the film.  Another issue was the fact that you couldn’t make out what half the actors were saying most of the time (but maybe this was a good thing). The storyline began with an element of intrigue but quickly escalated into ridiculousness and became uninteresting at an incredible pace.

Has to be said that this film has the worst ‘walking away from an explosion’ sequence I have ever seen, it just looked awkward and unimpressive – the best part of the movie was when I worked out that one of the actors voiced Lotso the bear in Toy Story 3, it provided me with about 5 seconds of amusement, more than anything in the movie had done.

BIGGEST FLAW – Everything (See above)

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – When it finally ended.

Do not watch this film it was a complete waste of time and provided no entertainment.

Rating – 0/10


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