Fast & Furious 6 (Cinema Screening)



Okay, so I am a BIG fan of this movie franchise, excluding Tokyo Drift that is but I just like to forget that one.  I didn’t know how they were going to top Fast 5 – the answer, with Tanks, Planes and an even bigger and better ROCK than usual!

Right, before you go to see this movie don’t for a second go in thinking that this could be Oscar material or that any of the actors are gonna put in a stellar performances but instead relax and enjoy an unreal action movie! They tailored Torreto’s crew perfectly in this movie getting rid of characters who didn’t match up to the rest.  Parker and Roman’s banter throughout was genuinely funny and provided a lot of laughs. Other characters contributed to this as well.

It was interesting to see the crew operate in London for the first half of the film and just as the lack of exotic locations was starting to play on my mind, they moved the storyline to Spain, perfect timing. However one thing that irritated me was how much that the trailer for the movie revealed, they definitely should have kept some of that just for the movie. Although I loved the fact that Shaw drove and Aston Martin – A British super car for a British villain, was about time we saw one in this franchise – would have liked to seen it used a bit more though.

How they got round the Letty issue wasn’t the best but oh well I got over that pretty quickly as the rest of the movie was just so good and I enjoyed the frequent references to the rest of the franchise, the flashback to the previous films in the opening credits was great also. The combat scenes matched the level of the driving in this one which was brilliant, and surprisingly Rita Ora’s cameo wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. Also playing Ludacris’s tune ‘Rest of my Life’ at the end was a stroke of genius.

AND flip me did they set it up well for the 7th installment, closure on that whole Tokyo era and JASON FLIPPING STATHAM as the new villain I flipping can’t wait for the next one.

BIGGEST FLAW – Riley changing sides (this was unnecessary but a good scene did come off the back of it)

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Characters jumping off ridiculous heights, cars driving at ridiculous speeds etc, was awesome!

Any fans of the franchise will LOVE this movie, if not you probably won’t but luckily I am and think it is the best one yet, roll on number 7!

Rating – 10/10


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