The Thomas Crown Affair (DVD Screening)


Pierce Brosnan as billionaire Thomas Crown

(Some Spoilers)

Well, this was not what I was expecting to see when I chose to watch this movie.  I knew it was about stealing a painting so I envisioned an Italian Job style heist movie, this is most definitely not that. I enjoyed the opening sequence as it gradually revealed more and more of what was happening and was a clever way of stealing the painting – it set the film up well.  However when the character of Banning was introduced she had the crime solved in a few minutes which I thought was a strange scripting decision.

Unfortunately after that the rest of the movie was mainly taken up by the romantic involvement between Thomas Crown and Catherine Banning.  This was more of a romance story with a few police investigations in the background.  Another thing, this movie was saucy. Incredibly saucy. Flip you were lucky if Rene Russo, who played Banning, was wearing a top in most scenes. This was unnecessary but did provide some laughs, even if they weren’t intended. And most of the movie was accompanied with saxophone music which just added to this overly saucy atmosphere, again being funny in parts.

After the majority of the film came another exciting scene as Crown returns the stolen painting, this scene was great and kept the viewer guessing – it was very clever, and that I enjoyed. Also the soundtrack for the heist scenes was great. I feel that this is a film geared more towards females and I simply misinterpreted what the movie was going to be like, being more a romantic story rather than action/thriller I had anticipated but I can’t fault the film for that, it’s just not the type of film I would normally go for.

BIGGEST FLAW – Banning working out the robbery so quickly


Rating – 6/10


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