Exam (DVD Screening)


I stumbled upon this movie on IMDb as one of my suggestions.  I watched the trailer and was immediately intrigued, it seemed like an interesting idea and it looked like a great tense thriller.  This was partly the case upon watching it as well.

The film started with the actors being introduced in an opening credits sequence however this was slightly confusing as they were numbered so I thought that these were the names of the characters, I would have done this in a different way. However after this the story begins straight away and the candidates have to work out how they can pass the exam.  The whole idea is really clever and it was really interesting to see the candidates try different methods to work out the question.

When the candidates begin to talk to each other and gave each other nicknames it reminded me of Reservoir Dogs and the nicknames they are given, but it amused me rather than irritating me.

I enjoyed discovering the back stories of each candidate but I think they could have been explored even more and more secrets could have been revealed.  Despite the feel that the trailer gave this film, I didn’t really think it was as tense as I first thought it was going to be however it was by no means slow moving and kept my intrigue throughout.  Unfortunately at times the acting was a bit stilted as well but as there were 8 main characters this wasn’t really an issue.

The ending was the best bit of the film, finally all was revealed regarding the question and the company that had put these candidates in this selection process.  It was very clever and it was hard throughout to predict who would come out on top and in the end a satisfying ending was achieved.

BIGGEST FLAW – Confusing opening credits

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – The clever ending

Rating – 7.5/10


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