The Internship (Cinema Screening)


(Spoiler Free)

This one was hard to gauge by the trailer, I honestly wasn’t sure whether or not this would be funny, so naturally I went in with very low expectations. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson films are generally quite hit and miss – The Internship is a hit.

The film starts straight away with a few laughs and just continues to increase in hilarity.  The main group of characters featured in the movie were great and they bounce off each other really well providing laughs throughout.  There are two or three scenes which really are brilliant, I won’t specify as the surprise of one is great and I’m glad they haven’t included in the trailer.

Unfortunately it wasn’t all humour, the script included a boring love story, which required the viewer to sit through several pointless scenes that the film could have done without – instead they could of explored some of the more interesting characters a bit more. However the rest of the movie does make up for this, and the use of referencing movies from many different decades was really well exploited and means that a wide range of viewers can enjoy, there is bound to be a reference that you will find comical as there are so many – this was very entertaining.

Naturally with The Internship’s 12A certificate they were limited with the type of humour they could include but I feel that this only adds to the praise the movie deserves as they still provided the laughs but without being overly crude or in your face. Although maybe if they had pushed the comedy a little further they could have achieved more laughs but I was happy with the end product.

BIGGEST FLAW – Pointless and boring love story

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Comical references to popular culture over many decades

The Internship is probably the biggest surprise of the year for me, really enjoyable.

Rating – 8/10


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