Jaws Screening at Bangor Aurora Pool



Jaws – Easily one of my top 5 favorite movies of all time.  Ever since I saw this movie I have loved it and it was probably responsible for my love of shark movies.  It is a masterpiece of cinema, and has segmented it’s place in movie history.  The story is so simple, yet so captivating.   It terrified me on my first viewing and still gives me chills when I watch again.  I had always thought that watching Jaws whilst in a swimming pool would be a brilliant experience so when I heard about this event I got my ticket straight away!


As part of this year’s Open House Festival Bangor (01-31 August 2013) this event was set up, “In partnership with Belfast Film Festival and Bangor Aurora, Open House Bangor has pulled out all the stops to bring you Bangor’s first ever ‘swim cinema’ experience.  There is also gallery seating for cowardy custards” Unfortunately I was unable to attend this screening from the beginning because of prior arrangements and ended up being later than expected due to a travel delay so I ended up in the gallery.  I only caught the last 40 minutes of the experience but I couldn’t resist checking this out so was just happy to see the end of the movie.

From what I could see the experience was a great one.  The pool was packed with people of all ages laying on inflatables watching the screen, and the gallery seating was well filled too.  It was a really enjoyable watch as anytime the shark appeared on screen you could hear several shrieks from those in the pool (and some from the gallery too).ImageThe sound was very clear and enhanced the experience greatly.  There was even applause when Brody takes his final shot and the shark is blown to smithereens, this was really amusing and provided a laugh.  I’m not sure that this concept of ‘swim cinema’ would work on a regular basis simply for a few practical reasons.  The lights were on at all times for obvious reasons, but a bit of darkness could have created an even better experience. Also of course it was hard to control the level of noise created from people’s conversations and activities in the pool, I know that this would irritate some movie goers.  However with all that said this was a fantastic event and I simply wish that I could have been in the pool to see how I would have coped, I can’t imagine that I would have been to comfortable.  It was very well run and it had a good family entertainment vibe about the place.  I really would recommend that if you haven’t already attended a event like this that you have a search about or even create your own screening!



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