Movie Poll Results: Summer Blockbusters


Which was the best?

With Summer coming to an end I wanted to find out what was your favorite of the summer blockbusters, so here im going to discuss the results of my first ever movie poll, so which was your favorite?

-Man of Steel

-Star Trek Into Darkness

-Fast & Furious 6

-The Wolverine

-Iron Man 3

-Pacific Rim

In 3rd place: The Wolverine (10.53%)

ImageThe Wolverine split audiences upon it’s release and many thought it was quite a let down after the hype was built.  I couldn’t help feel that this movie was simply a filler for the next installment of the X-Men series. Most agreed that it was a step in the right direction after Origins however I really didn’t think it was great and clearly not many others did as it came rock bottom of this poll.  If you want to see what I thought about The Wolverine in more dept you can read my review in full here –

Joint 2nd place: Man of Steel, Star Trek Into Darkness, Iron Man 3 and Pacific Rim (15.79% each)Image

So it seems these 4 movies couldn’t be separated, Man of Steel was once again a movie that separated movie fans.  There were complaints about the ending and the mass destruction in the film, however many really enjoyed the movie and would explain the initial surge of votes it received in the poll. Full review here –

ImageAfter the well received first Star Trek movie it was no surprise that this got a sequel.  Met with great reviews Star Trek Into Darkness was a great follow up which most movie fans enjoyed.  With brilliant performances from the cast and a great villain in the form of Benedict Cumberbatch im surprised that Star Trek Into Darkness didn’t break away from the pack in this poll.  Full review here –

ImageIron Man 3 was highly anticipated and many fans were left disappointed with the final result.  Iron Man 3 was actually lagging in last position with 0 votes for the majority of the time this poll was open but a late surge pushed it into joint 2nd place.  Despite cleaning up at the box office Iron Man 3 was not the great film that it could have been. Full review here –

ImagePacific Rim is the final movie to have taken this 2nd place position.  This movie really ruffled people’s feathers.  Some people were baffled at its success and people’s love of it, and others simply did love it! Robots vs Aliens, its a basic enough plot that packs a punch but there was a little more to it than that, resulting in it splitting movie fans – probably the most of all the summer blockbusters! Full review here –

1st place: Fast & Furious 6 (26.32%)

ImageSo Torreto and his gang have come in first place with over a quarter of the votes and in my opinion rightly so, it can’t be disputed the amount of fun this film was, so the laws of physics go out the window from the get go, who cares! Fast 6 was a box office smash and those who embraced it for what it is had a blast to explaining why it topped this poll. Roll on number 7!  Full review here –

So that’s what the votes said, do you agree or disagree? Leave a comment below and let me know!


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