Movie Poll Results: Avengers Assemble


Who is the best?

So for this weeks movie poll I asked who was the best Avenger, I was basing this mainly on the films but I am aware that some people’s votes may have been based around the comic books but my analysis will focus mainly on Marvel’s films featuring the 6 heroes in question;

-Captain America

-Iron Man




-Black Widow

In 5th place: Hawkeye (0%) Image

This result didn’t surprise me, I was expecting Hawkeye to come in last place however I did think he may get one or two votes but he received absolutely none.  This maybe because he didn’t have an individual film before the Avengers, now he does appear in Thor however his part is small and he makes little impact.  In my opinion there is nothing wrong with Hawkeye, but at the same time there isn’t really anything very cool or exciting about him either.  For a lot of The Avengers he is also under Loki’s control so maybe this had some influence on the vote as maybe if this wasn’t the case we could have seen more of Hawkeye.

In joint 4th place: Hulk and Thor (12.50% each)


This result did surprise me, I really thought that these characters would have been much more popular, receiving only 25% of the votes between them.  Hulk was brilliant in The Avengers and Mark Ruffalo did a great job protrating this character but possibly The Hulks invidiuval movies before the Avengers may have let him down as they aren’t that great.  However Thor’s individual movie was brilliant and he is such a cool character probably my joint favorite with Iron Man I thought he would have done better, but he mustn’t have made much an impact on those who voted on this poll.

In 3rd place: Black Widow (18.75%)

ImageSo Black Widow has come in 3rd place and this is quite a feat as she has less screen time than some of the other heroes and she only has a part in Iron Man 2 before the Avengers.  However saying that she does make a great impact in Iron Man 2 much more than say Hawkeye in Thor.  She is an interesting character and Scarlett Johnasson is brilliant in the role, probably explaining why Black Widow performed will in this poll.

In 2nd place: Iron Man (25%)Image

So it is Iron Man who just narrowly misses out on the top spot.  Robert Downey Jr has down wonders for this character making him one of Marvels most popular.  With 2 movies under his belt before the Avengers it’s no surprise that he performed so well in this poll if anything im slightly surprised to find him in the  2nd place position rather than in 1st place, for most of the movie there is almost a power struggle between Iron Man and Captain America so I suppose it is fitting that they were always fighting for the top spot in this poll.

In 1st place: Captain America (31.25%)


So yes, it is Captain America we find at the top, the first Avenger in first place.  Captain America had 1 film before the Avengers and I clearly didn’t realize his popularity. Chris Evans plays this character very well, much differently than that of his other Marvel character The Human Torch.  His humorous comments regarding the current world he now lives in are great and he is a hero that really gets stuck in providing great action and comedy, the leader of The Avengers so I guess it’s fitting that we find him here at the top.



4 thoughts on “Movie Poll Results: Avengers Assemble

  1. Nice piece and really interesting. Much as I like Captain America I didn’t actually expect him to be rated top! Perhaps there’s more affection for the character given his long career to date? I’m guessing I must fall into your 12.5% demographic as I’d be hard pressed to choose between Hulk and Thor based on their individual movies! Look forward to reading more posts like this.

    • Yeah my thoughts aswell, tbh I thought Iron Man would clean up here easily! At the time I think Thor was my favourite but that changes after every new film is brought out! Thanks Lee!

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