Days Of Thunder (TV Screening)



Tonight was one of those nights that as I was flicking through the usual Saturday night rubbish that is on TV and I struck pure gold.  Days of Thunder was brilliant, it was the perfect cure to my boredom and definitely a classic that I need to add to my DVD collection.

It had that vintage 80/90s theme feel right from the get go and its what lacks in movies made today.  The soundtrack was so good, had all the tunes which fitted perfect to the setting and the scenes.  Days of Thunder started straight away with very little build up and at first I was a bit confused with all the NASCAR chat but this didn’t bother me as the plot quickly became clear.

One of my pet hates in movies is the so common soppy romance side plot, they often appear labored and forced and are so pointless and boring.  However they got it spot on here, it wasn’t soppy it was great – they had that cheesy music playing at the appropriate points and it actually added to the plot rather than taking away from it.  Nicole Kidman was great at playing the minx that she was, it didn’t feel like a side plot but just another aspect to the story – fitted in perfectly.

A film about NASCAR, what is not to like? Cars going round and round, rubbing each other and numerous crashes it is what everyone wants in a film like this, the action is great! Tom Cruise is brilliant in this and it is definitely another one of his classics.  There is great humor in Days of Thunder as well (wheelchair race in the hospital) which helps to keep this movie well rounded. This movie is a classic, loved the ending too – I was hoping that there were going to end with a freeze frame and they did, unreal!

BIGGEST FLAW – Too much NASCAR jargon at the start (Not really an issue)

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Just it’s all round epicness

This has also got me pumped for the upcoming racing movie ‘Rush’ however I doubt it will achieve the same feel that Days of Thunder did.

Rating – 10/10


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