Movie Poll Results: 007 Heaven


As a hardcore James Bond fan how could I resist a poll regarding favorite Bond films, this poll was the most successful yet.  I decided that often it can be too hard to pick an all time favorite Bond film so I allowed for a top 3 vote. The poll received 79 votes in total and some results did surprise me, but I shall discuss below.

In last place: You Only Live Twice, The Man With The Golden Gun, Moonraker, For Your Eyes Only (0 votes each)


I wasn’t particularly surprised to see 3 of Moore’s efforts go unloved, especially Moonraker which is widely criticised among Bond fans. The highest that any Moore movie got was 3 votes, this being Live and Let Die.  The results confirm in my mind that he was the most unpopular Bond.  Roger Moore was the first Bond that I watched so I will always hold his movies is high regard as they were the ones that got me into the franchise but I would have to admit that they are not the strongest outing for Agent 007.

In 3rd place: From Russia With Love (9 votes)  


Starting off the top 3 we have the original Bond himself, Sean Connery.  The second film in most franchises does better than the original, as the first attracts some but then when the next one comes out people know what to expect and the masses flock to get in on the action.  From Russia With Love is a brilliant bond movie, it has everything you want! Connery really gets into the role in this story and excels in all aspects.  The train scene is one of my favorite of all Bond films and is drawn out perfectly.  I was almost surprised too see this top Connery’s list as I thought Goldfinger (7 votes) was a lot more popular but I’m actually glad that From Russia With Love has taken this spot as it is a timeless classic in terms of the Bond franchise.

In 2nd place: Casino Royale (10 votes)

ImageDaniel claims his place in the top 3 with Casino Royale, when Craig was announced as the new face of Bond there were complaints and I myself wasn’t best pleased but how we all ate our words when we saw the result.  Casino Royale reinvented Bond in a brilliant way, stepping away from the gadget laden Die Another Day (3 votes), Casino Royale was refreshing and a step firmly in the right direction for this new era of Bond. This was the first Bond movie that I was able to see in the cinema and I simply remember the buzz around this movie, which was completely warranted!  Casino Royale gave Craig the strong introduction to the role that he needed and set him up brilliantly for future adventures, leaving all fans excited of what was to come next!

In 1st place: Skyfall (11 votes)


Yes, Skyfall has done it.  The most successful Bond film of all time had topped this poll for your favorite Bond movies.  Craig cemented himself in the Bond role in Casino Royale, but many were disappointed with his efforts in his second outing Quantum of Solace (3 votes) however personally I still enjoyed it.  Although when he returned for his 3rd outing the Bond world didn’t know what had hit it.  Skyfall was so good, I myself went to see it in the cinema 5 times because I enjoyed it so much.  Skyfall was different in many ways from the other films as it was shot mainly in Britain, I really enjoyed this and it gave the film a completely different feel and look.  The more personal storyline involving the characters was very effective but did not compromise the action.  It didn’t surprise me that this came top, attracting both new and old audiences to the Bond franchise I really think Skyfall deserves it’s place at the top.

The surprises for me in this poll were Diamonds are Forever (1 vote) getting any votes, and I thought the likes of License To Kill and Goldeneye (4 votes each) would have performed better as these always seemed to be fan favorites.  So what do you think about the results, do you agree? Leave a comment below and let me know!


2 thoughts on “Movie Poll Results: 007 Heaven

  1. Surprised by FRWL at 3rd place. Thought it would be “Goldfinger” like you said for sure. That one always seems to be a big hit among fans. Also, surprised by how the Dalton films fared, too. “The Living Daylights” is another big fan favorite. I am a big fan of Brosnan’s “Goldeneye” too. Interesting results. Great post!

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