Sunshine (DVD Screening)



I am a big fan of Danny Boyle’s work so it was only a matter of time until I got round to watching this sci-fi flick.  I had actually heard very little about Sunshine before so I had assumed that it was one of Boyle’s less admired movies, and I think I would come to that conclusion myself – this is in comparison to his others not as a stand alone film, as I did really enjoy it.

Boyle brought in a great cast which was interesting to begin with and I enjoyed how each of them teased out the personalities of their characters.  One thing I noticed about them all though was the lack of compassion they had, well maybe apart from Cassie at one stage, but for the rest of the time there seemed to be very little team dynamic and I found this a little unrealistic.  However I really enjoyed when some of them began to bring out the demons inside themselves and fight for the mission or sometimes just their own survival.

At times the effects weren’t great although I do understand that this film was made 6 years ago but there were also elements of the design that I didn’t really warm to.  At times I also thought it was unclear as to which section of the space shuttle was which, but this was probably just a flaw of mine more than the film.  The whole design, look and feel of the film really reminded me of some of David Tennants episodes of Dr. Who (The Impossible Planet, The Satan Pit and 42) all of which I really enjoyed so I quite liked this.

A great sense of terror was established about halfway through the film, notably when the crew entered Icarus 1 and the pictures of its crew members flashed up on screen this was brilliant for developing tension.  This was built upon when Capa had the revelation that there was another crew member on board, I thought this was clever and was glad to see Boyle steer clear of the inclusion of aliens on this occasion.  However what was done with Pinbacker I didn’t really think much of.  He was a great villain, a scary one however every scene which featured him was obscured! This worked well at first however later on I wanted to see the sequences unfold clearly.

Sunshine was a solid sci-fi action flick which was a little predictable at the start however a strong cast and interesting developments in the plot towards the end (typical Danny Boyle fashion) made for a good finish coupled with a great soundtrack too.

BIGGEST FLAW – Obscured scenes featuring Pinbacker


Rating – 8/10


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