Speed (DVD Screening)



A mid nineties action flick starring Keanu Reeves set on a bus rigged with a bomb, sorry but what is not to like!? Yeah I loved Speed, it was great.

I love eighties and nineties action movies, there is something about them that you just don’t get with the modern day ones.  The combination of the comedy the music and the actual action just blends so well together and Speed is another brilliant example of this – up there with the likes of Die Hard and Point  Break.  Now im not saying that this genre and era of movies are perfect, for example in Speed some of the acting on the bus was defiantly questionable but that is kind of the charm of these films and it doesn’t bother me as much as it would of an action movie released today.

The action was great, it was pretty much constant throughout the movie and it was full of twists, shocks and tricks always keeping the viewer entertained however saying that I didn’t really think that we needed another unfinished building project at the end after Reeves character dispatches the villain.  Sandra Bullock did a great job playing the hysterical Annie and she contributed a lot of the comedy in this movie, which I thought really added to the whole feel of the movie.  Dennis Hopper played the villain, and he did it well.  His character was unpredictable and madly eccentric, just the kind of bad guy you need to create a great action movie.

Now Speed was fairly predictable but this didn’t bother me in the slightest due to the strengths of everything in the film.  We won’t really go into the physics of the action, as an avid fan of the Fast & Furious series I have no issues here, you need a sense of fun to enjoy films like these.  All fans of action will love Speed and it is a must see and an essential for their DVD collections as well.

BIGGEST FLAW – Some choice acting

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Fulfilling the 80/90s action movie vibe

Rating – 10/10


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