Lethal Weapon (DVD Screening)



Following on from my viewing of Speed last night I decided to watch another ‘classic’ action movie, so I opted for Lethal Weapon.  I had heard great things about this movie and was expecting to add this to my collection of top action movies and then go on to explore the sequels that it spawned.  It’s safe to say that this will not be  happening.

My first issue is simply that I don’t think Mel Gibson and Danny Glover make it easy for the viewer to like their characters here, when you compare them to the other action stars of this era, Bruce Willis, Keanu Reeves etc you can see why they just don’t compare, well for me anyway they don’t.  Lethal Weapon suffers from a huge pacing problem, basically for the first hour nothing happens and unfortunately when something does the action really isn’t great.  Oh and I know pathetic damsels in distress are a must in action movies, but the one featured here is annoyingly rubbish.

Joshua (Gary Busey) was a good villain and much better than his boss, ‘The General’ who was hardly in the film making his demise leave little impact on the viewer.  However the demise of Joshua was just ridiculous, that whole final sequence was so pointless and the film would have benefited from leaving it out.  The film felt a lot longer than its 105 minute running time and I was definitely pleased to see the credits role. Oh and a final note to say that the use of saxophones for this movies soundtrack was hilarious, now im a fan of the 80s style music but you’d be lucky to go 10 minutes without hearing them.

BIGGEST FLAW – Not a lot happened

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Joshua was quite a good villain

Rating – 4/10 


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