Muze (App Review)



Muze is an app for Android devices which aims to help the users pick films to see based on their preferences providing the maximum enjoyment. It’s a really simple idea but a great one.

How does it work?

The first thing you need to do is rate some movies so that Muze can begin to understand what movies you like and ones that you aren’t so fond of.  There are several different ways you can do this, making it incredibly easy and of course the more films you rate the better Muze will know your tastes and the more accurate your recommendations will be.  After you have rated a number of films you are presented with your ‘MOVIE TWIN’ a virtual representation of your movie preferences, this character is called Muze.  Probably my only criticism of this app would be the design of this character im not sure it suited the vibe of the app, would maybe have enjoyed a cooler looking character but this is probably just personal preference.

You are presented with good number of suggestions based on your ratings, each suggestion has a percentage and the higher the percentage the more likely you are to like it.  I have to say that all the suggestions I was given were spot on and it is clear that this app has developed a clever and simple way to understand the user and their tastes in film, I was quite impressed as having done things like this before I was never convinced of my results.

The apps functions don’t stop their, Muze also lets you explore the movies at the box office allowing for a quick insight into the popularity of the current films making up the box office lists.  You can also browse through all the films you have rated in the past.  Muze is set out really well and is dead simple to navigate allowing for an all round satisfying experience, Muze is a must have for all movies fans and also for those people who simply can’t decide what film to watch on a Saturday night! Oh and did I mention that this app is FREE! Get downloading now people!

Rating – 9/10


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