Why I Love ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’



X-Men Origins: Wolverine was released in 2009, that would have made me 15 years old I loved it then and I still love it now.  It has always baffled me as to why there seems to be such universal dislike for this film, as many Marvel fans have completely disregarded this outing from the franchise, most citing it as the worst of the series.  A recent twitter conversation has sparked this blog post, the conversation involved twitter users ranking the X-Men series, and naturally I put Origins at the top spot, this was met with shall I say confusion to put it lightly from other users.  I had been asked to defend Origins and felt that I would have been limited with the word restriction on twitter so I have taken to the blog!

Now I understand that there are several flaws in this film and I would agree with most of them, but for me I see so much good in it too and for me these good points far out weigh the bad.  Now I hope you read this post with intrigue all I ask is that you respect my view like I will yours.  I’m not demanding that you all start liking this film I just want you to try and understand why I like it so much, by all means disagree with what I say but be clear that your views will not change my opinion and im sure this is the same for you, right that’s enough waffle let’s get down to business.

There are so many reasons as to why I love this film, some of the characters, introduction to new mutants, great action, a superb score and as it’s an origin story it fills in so many gaps! Let’s start at the beginning, I loved that opening.  It starts with an absolute bombshell with Logan killing his Father! The film starts off much as it is to go on, as in Logan not having much luck with those he loves or gets close to.  I really liked the opening credits in which we see Logan and his brother Victor fight through several of the wars, this gives the viewer the necessary context required without any long drawn out scenes and provided an interesting backdrop for the initial credits.

As I mentioned above I enjoyed some of the introductions into some mutants we hadn’t seen before.  My favourite character inImage this film has to be Wade Wilson, I loved Reynolds portrayal of him. Wade is funny, although he has very little screen time, for me he makes a big impact.  His dialogue is great and then when he is let loose with his swords he just kicks ass! That scene where he deflects all the bullets is brilliant and possibly my favourite scene in the whole film.  Now unfortunately we see little more of Wade as we know him but I think this may have been a good thing as instead of over using him we got a great scene or two with him and the viewer is left wanting to see more rather than becoming bored of him.  Now there is little I can say about his transformation into Deadpool, I am aware that most were unhappy with this however I am not a comic book reader so I knew no different and I thought he was a formidable foe for Logan and I liked the combination of the many mutant powers.  Going back to the initial introduction to new mutants I really enjoyed the other mutants input on the assault of the Tower block at the beginning of the film, especially Agent Zero as his use of his guns was so slick and provided good pacing for this scene.

I like how tension is built throughout the film.  As we see Logan in Canada, living a quiet and happy life with Kayla but there is always that underlying feeling of unease, you just know that something awful is gonna happen. Talking about Kayla, I just think her involvement in this film is so so good.  From her fake death, her secret mutant powers, her sister (Emma Frost) being held hostage and then Logan’s memory loss, there is just so much going on with this character and it causes so much heartache for both her and Logan, I loved watching this unfold and it provided many shock moments along the way and the plot was so much stronger for including this characters story.  For fans of the franchise they will know while watching that there can’t be a happy ending for Kayla and Logan but I still found myself willing them to find a way to get back to where they were in Canada.

As I have mentioned it’s an Origin story so it fills in a lot of questions you have about Logan’s story, we finally find out why he lost his memories, and I loved the constant battle he faces between himself and the ‘animal’.  It builds so much on X2 when we see Logan return to the site of his operation.  The inclusion of young cyclops was great and was a treat for me as a fan of the X-Men series.  As a fan of the cartoons I was pleased to see Gambit introduced here as well.  I know there are complaints that he didn’t receive enough screen time but again like Wade I think it’s quality over quantity and I enjoyed his scenes especially when he goes crazy with those cards, makes for a nice and memorable shot much like Logan emerging from the tank when he hears that he is going to have his memory’s wiped.  ImageFor all the mutants to receive adequate screen time a origins movie would have had to be made for each of them so I actually think the right balance has been achieved here.

The action is great too, the constant fights between Victor and Logan make for good viewing and there are several set pieces which work well, I’m thinking of the motorbike/helicopter sequence in particular.  However the combat scenes are also executed well.  Now as I said I understand there are flaws in the film, yes the claws look terrible at parts and some mutants could have been left out as they may have tried to introduce too many and to be honest I still don’t understand why the flip will.i.am was even in this movie.  However despite those flaws and many more I can put up with them because I enjoy the positives so much more, Origins comes under so much scrutiny and I simply wanted to outline what I thought was good about it, I know that many of you will disagree with what I have said here but as film fans we have to understand that a lot of what we like and dislike simply comes down to opinion.

So I hope this was an insight into why I enjoy Origins so much, and I hope you can maybe now see some of the positives but I know im in a minority here but I wouldn’t be doing myself any favors if I simply dismissed a film I love just because of others opinions. If you like a film, you have to stick by that and say why.  If you do that you have my respect,  even if the film doesn’t.

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