Gravity (Cinema Screening)



Finally after all the waiting Gravity is here! This has to be the one of the most anticipated movies of 2013, with rave reviews from a wide range of critics, it seemed that Gravity was going to make a big impression on movie goers everywhere. My excitement for this film was quite something and I have been looking forward to seeing it for some time now – so here goes, here is what I thought about Gravity.

Firstly Sandra Bullock was fantastic. The main concern that I had for Gravity was the fact that 2 Hollywood actors had been cast in the lead roles.  This worried me as I often find these films (disaster/survival) more realistic when they use relatively unknown actors.  Despite this both Clooney and Bullock were first class, however Bullock did stand out – of course she had more screen time so I’m sure this was a factor in that too.  There were a few scenes however that I wished she had have brought out slightly more emotion, maybe when she was describing her daughter’s death. Although on numerous other occasions she got it spot on, I remember most vividly the scene in which she discovers that the shuttle she is in has no fuel.

As bullocks character Stone states, the silence was quite wonderful.  I think the most effective scenes were always accompanied by this silence and it was these moments which felt most real.  This also helped to give that feeling of space to the viewer, many other elements contributed to this as well. The initial scene in which Stone is separated from the shuttle created such a sense of unease in me as she simply continued to spin and breathe heavily and this was one of the various scenes that had the hairs on my body standing up straight. The fact that this happened more than once tells me that this film made me experience something and for that I deliver my praise.  As I’m sure that you have grasped from the trailer Gravity is a visual feast for the eyes, enhanced greatly by the 3D which is a successful companion to the already superb effects.

As I have already mentioned Gravity was so highly anticipated and with this comes a media buzz for several months beforehand.  As movie fans it is important that we enjoy this buzz but that we do not get caught up it, unfortunately I got caught up in it and generally when this happens the film never lives up to expectations. This was somewhat the case here however I could see how wonderful Gravity was I was left wanting something more.  Now I have no doubt that this film was fantastic and I simply have myself to blame for this factor, so I warn others not to hype up films too much because this can detract from the cinematic experience.

I also have to mention that scene in which Stone decides to turn off the oxygen in the shuttle, it was brilliant and had me thinking and feeling so many different emotions – this is how film should be done.

BIGGEST FLAW – At times I could have seen the benefit of slightly more emotion

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Creating the atmosphere of space for the viewer

Rating – 9/10


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