Mission Impossible (DVD Screening)


Mission Impossible, a poor man’s James Bond some might say and overall I would agree.  However I have become quite a fan of this series over the years.  I first saw MI2 and then worked my way through it’s sequels and it is only now that I am visiting the original.

The order in which I watched this series most definitely shaped my view on the original.  As I have seen the other films in this series I knew what to expect for a lot of the film, between that and the numerous spoofs etc of the iconic scenes from the movie that have surfaced over the years I felt that I had already seen the film.  Although, despite this I really enjoyed getting to watch those scenes properly, I’m referencing the aquarium restaurant and the Langley scenes.  These were probably my favourite of the entire movie, it was nice to watch them play out in their entirety.

Ethan’s (Tom Cruise) original team were great and I would have been interested to see how they would have worked as his step in crew instead as they seemed to have more interesting characters and had more presence on screen than the team Hunt works with for the majority of the film.  I also thought that most of the twists were fairly obvious and weren’t built up to enough to have any real impact, and the scene in which it is revealed that Jim (John Voight) was the mole was confusing.  I couldn’t work out if Jim was simply recalling the events in his head or if it was Ethan who was working it out.

I realise that I am being quite critical but I did like the film.  I am a big fan of spy-action movies and have seen a lot. Mission Impossible was made in 1996 and a wide range of films in this genre have come out since including it’s three sequels, so it had all of these to compete with.  It really was always going to be an uphill struggle from the start.  However I really enjoyed the action scenes (infrequent as they were) especially the final sequence involving the helicopter and train.  It was better than I expected and made for an exciting finale.  Also im a sucker for that Mission Impossible theme tune, dare I say it even trumps Bond’s? This is a good start to a series which for the most part gains momentum as it continues, it should also be remembered that often the original film in any long series is rarely the best.



Rating – 7/10


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