The Incredible Hulk (DVD Screening)



Ok, so who doesn’t love a superhero movie, and at that who doesn’t love a Marvel film!? There is just something about these films that people love and I too have been bitten by this bug, this whole universe just fascinates me.  However in terms of the Hulk, I have always had a mixed opinion.  I love the character of the hulk, he is flipping class but I was always unsure if this character would be able to successfully have a film completely devoted to him.  I remember seeing the 2003 version featuring Eric Bana in the cinemas and being fairly unimpressed although I have never revisited it and would probably have a differing opinion now.  I loved Mark Ruffalo’s portrayal of him in the Avengers although I wasn’t sure if this was because he was only a part of it and the whole story wasn’t devoted to him.  In regards to the this 2008 version, this DVD has been sitting on my shelf for sometime feeling pretty neglected but I finally got round to watching it.

I had heard so much negativity regarding this film, and simply I don’t understand why!? I really liked this movie.  Fight Club is my favourite film of all time so naturally anything with Edward Norton is going to intrigue me.  His performance was wonderful and he brought something to the role that I hadn’t seen before, he was really believable and made me really like Bruce Banner rather than just the Hulk.  I never thought that the Hulk had enough of a storyline to make a whole film out of it but boy was I wrong.  The story presented here enthralled me and actually brings forward a really sophisticated plot especially for a Marvel film. The other Marvel films could be seen at times to be rather childish however here we see a darker and more mature approach to the characters – getting closer to the style of Christopher Nolan’s batman series, I really enjoyed this.

I give this film high praise however a few things really did bug me about it.  The first being the poor special effects, for most of the film I just thought the Hulk looked rubbish.  This may sound silly, but he just wasn’t green enough for me!  Also he did look rather fake, from my memory Bana’s Hulk looked much better and more realistic (How can the Hulk look realistic I hear you ask? Well it’s a Marvel film so you just have to go with it). So if the design of that Hulk could have been used here it would have created an all round better look for the film, however the design of the Hulk wasn’t the only issue.  The scenery for most scenes was so dull and I thought that the whole film needed a lift, a blast of colour would have gone a long way.  Although where the look of this film may take something away its the story and characters that redeem the film.  The action scenes included were fantastic especially the sequence at the university, I loved this.  Also the final showdown between the Hulk and Abomination was one of the best superhero fights scenes I have seen!  Tim Roth was a fantastic villain and I actually preferred him before he turned into Abomination but he was a great addition to this film and will be memorable in my opinion. Also the cameo from Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark at the end will be a bonus for any Marvel fan, great end filling viewers with excitement for what is to come next!

BIGGEST FLAW – The look of the film (effects etc)

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Mature feel that it brings to the superhero genre

I find it hard to imagine it why this film receives hate, it is flipping unreal and one of the strongest Marvel has ever produced.  With a few tweaks The Incredible Hulk could have been just that, incredible!

Rating – 8/10

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