The Time of The Doctor (TV Screening)



I HATE CHANGE! So really it is stupid for me to watch a show like Doctor Who as change is the very nature of this show, but I can’t help but love it!  Basically it’s my own fault when I get annoyed at change in shows, I realise it’s necessary but is it too much to ask that the current characters can just stay the same and not change and live happily ever after!? Right this post isn’t really a review or anything just wanted to put my thoughts down somewhere – and for some strange reason I think some of you enjoy reading the musings of my head, so why not – here we go!

Okay so The Day of the Doctor was flipping unbelievable and was the highlight of the TV calendar for 2013 and probably the best episode of Doctor Who ever.  After putting The Time of the Doctor (unoriginal title may I add) in this context I suppose I was always going to be a bit disappointed. After watching this Christmas special I really had to just ask myself “what actually happened in the last hour?” and the answer was, not a lot! I feel that Doctor Who has now got to that stage where you need to have quite a good knowledge of past episodes and character profiles to be able to fully grasp what is happening.  My viewing of Doctor Who in recent years has been patchy at best and I suppose this won’t be an issue for most Whovians however I think it is kind of shame that it is more difficult for the casual viewer to enjoy it!

When I saw the trailers featuring all the different villains of the Doctor I thought it was gonna be kick ass however they were hardly shown and they were kind of all equally underused and felt a bit pointless. It also annoys me the way Moffat only brings back the same villains everytime, would it be too much too ask for an appearance from the likes of the Slitheen or the Krillitanes (something we haven’t seen recycled again and again). I don’t think a combination of villains has been done as successfully since Doomsday! Dare I say the whole episode was a bit a boring and it just seemed that everyone including the writers were just filling time until the regeneration.  I also didn’t really get how they got round the whole 12 regenerations thing, was it really as simple as the Timelords sending the Doctor another regeneration? I thought there would have been something more to it.

Now in terms of the actual generation it was all a bit odd.  The fact that the reason Matt Smith’s Doctor needed to regenerate was simply old age annoyed me a little, it was fairly anti-climatic I thought. Also because the Doctor was old for the majority of the episode it didn’t showcase Matt Smith in the best way for his final episode, he is so much better than this! When he actually regenerated it was so rubbish, okay so his hand started to regenerate and then it just stopped then he jerks back and bam he is Peter Capaldi just like that, I missed the gradual change like there has been in past ones! END OF NEGATIVITY.

Yeah I hate being negative about a show I love but just had to get all that out of my system, however despite the impression I have probably given there were some great things about this episode.  It was really funny towards the start and Clara and the Doctor were at their usual best. There is also a nod to fish fingers and custard, especially amusing for me now as me and a couple of mates tried it before The Day of the Doctor and it was actually pretty good! I’d recommend it!  Also when Amy appeared just as the Doctor was regenerating I thought that was brilliant, although it was a bit of a slap in the face for Clara – minor point as I did love seeing Amy again and I think this was the right thing to do.  I can’t comment on Peter Capaldi as I always hate the new Doctor when they first regenerate, what can I say I’m loyal but I know I will grow to love him just like every other time!

I have just got to say how awesome a Doctor Matt Smith was, he really was great! In my opinion he didn’t always get the writing he deserved but he kept my love for the show alive and he was a worthy successor for the mighty David Tennant, he will be sorely missed and I think I just need time to mourn! Whovians feel free to discuss my thoughts here – I realise they are unstructured, scattered and a bit frantic but I suppose that is Doctor Who all over.

P.S. just remember if it’s cool then it’s not cool!


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