Top 10 Films to Avoid from 2013

With 2013 coming to an end, I wanted to do some kind of review of the year.  In 2013 I saw 51 new releases and for the majority of these I had a good time, I enjoyed them.  However in my opinion 13 of these films just didn’t do much for me.  So in light of this I shall take you through my Top 10 films to avoid from 2013.  Now I am not saying that these are the definitive worst films of the year, because hopefully I managed to avoid most of those. These are just a few picks of the films I managed to see this year that I would not recommend, and remember it’s just what I think!

10) The Heat


Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy team up for a comedy cop-duo outing here.  Unfortunately the whole thing was really unoriginal resulting in few laughs and quite a dull film, okay so there are a couple of laughs however I am only remembering those from re-reading my review as I can’t actually remember any specific moments.  The Heat was in-offensive, it wasn’t awful but there are better films to watch from both actresses, so ultimately I wouldn’t recommend you bother with it!

9) Oldboy


So, many movie fans had issue with this remake of Oldboy, however as I hadn’t seen the original this wasn’t my issue! Personally I just did not enjoy the themes that this film dealt with, it was incredibly dark.  The frustrating thing is it was shaping up to be a great film however the inclusion of certain themes just ruined it for me.  I can’t imagine it is the type of film that most people would enjoy having a part of their Saturday night!

8) The Hangover Part III


2013 saw the final chapter of The Hangover series grace our screens, as a fan of the first two installments naturally I was intrigued.  However it failed in comparison to its predecessors, simply it just wasn’t very funny and the whole ‘hangover’ thing had grown slightly thin, it has one very funny scene, I will give it that! However does that make it worth the price of admission? I think not, for me The Hangover is a two part series.

7) Only God Forgives


THIS FILM IS NOT DRIVE! That may be half the issue to be honest, a lot of movie goers were expecting that.  This film is unique, it has a very peculiar style and is incredibly violent.  This pairing creates an uncomfortable atmosphere, personally it just wasn’t to my taste.  I feel slightly bad putting this on my ‘avoid’ list as I think its artistic style was simply wasted on me however I think that this may be the case for many movie fans, the reason that it has made my list.

6) The Great Gatsby


Style over substance.  Yeah the Great Gatsby looked unreal, had a fantastic soundtrack and is well acted but if the story isn’t there you can’t hide that!  This film was just dead boring and for me that is what it boils down to, I don’t doubt that fans of the book will enjoy this but if you are looking to be entertained The Great Gatsby is not for you!

5) Don Jon


Don Jon was probably one of the biggest disappointments for me in 2013.  Don Jon was unnecessarily explicit from start to finish and used this to fill time, from the trailers I thought that this was going to be a refreshing take on the rom-com however what we got was a boring script and I had to question what I was watching, is this really what we are calling entertainment now?

4) Now You See Me


The potential was mighty here, however instead of getting the explanation to these cool magic tricks that are present the whole film is laboured with painfully boring interactions between characters. I was on the fence about this while watching however the final sequence clinched it for me, what even!? Also might I add I was fairly unimpressed with Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman’s involvement which I never thought I would say!

3) Thanks For Sharing


Thanks For Sharing is not the romantic comedy that the trailers made it out to be, instead it actually chooses to deal with quite serious issues, baffling me as to why anyone would find this entertaining.  The whole thing was widely boring and a waste of time, the arrangement of scenes meant that the atmosphere was confused at all times and in all honesty I just didn’t see the point of this film.

2) Trance


Danny Boyle’s latest effort came to light in 2013, so I thought we would be guaranteed a solid film here.  However this was not the case, the majority of the cast were irritating to watch and it was hard to identify with any of them.  In classic Boyle style this film goes a bit crazy about halfway through but more so than usual which I didn’t enjoy.  The plot seemed interesting enough although what was transferred onto the screen was just bizarre and unenjoyable!

1) White House Down


Okay so I like action movies, I like White House movies, I like Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx. Clearly something has gone wrong for White House Down to find it at the top of this list!  It was just awful, the plot changed every ten minutes and it managed to constantly over complicate everything.  The action was ridiculous and it was bad that I was laughing at a lot of the film, and this wasn’t at The President’s awful one-liners! White House Down is definitely the loser in the battle of the White House movies this year oh and the battle with every other film out.  There are some films on this list that I could see others enjoying however for this, I find that hard to imagine.

Do you agree with me? What would make your list? Leave a comment or get me on twitter! Thanks for reading!


14 thoughts on “Top 10 Films to Avoid from 2013

  1. Nice list. I mostly agree, except for Gatsby which I found to be one of the year’s highlights. I think that Luhrmann’s version is an excellent modern take which is exciting for the younger generations. I could probably go on rambling with my list of reasons, but I spare you that one 😉 Instead you can check out my review over here A Good Day to Die Hard would definitely make my list.

    • Thanks for reading it Niejan! I agree with pretty much all of your review there, however I simply found it boring (Gatsby, not your review), I just don’t think that this was my kind of film – not to say that others won’t enjoy it but it just didn’t keep my attention. Soundtrack was my favourite aspect to the film, I like your discussion of that. I think that A Good Day To Die Hard would make most peoples lists however I didn’t see as many issues with it as others did and somehow managed to enjoy it, I think I must be its only fan!

      • Thanks for responding. I guess you must a real Die Hard fan then! 🙂 I also enjoyed the Gatsby soundtrack, especially No Church in the Wild which I couldn’t stop hitting the replay button on Youtube. LOL.

      • haha it would appear so, I know that my loyalty to certain franchises can sometime taint my judgement. I have only watched it once and from memory I did like it, I may re-watch soon just because I seen nothing but negative reviews tbh! Yeah I love that song, also A Little Party Never Killed Nobody!

  2. Interesting list. There are a few on here I’d definitely agree with (Hangover 3) and some that I completely disagree with. Don Jon is even vying for a place in my top ten!

    Some of the most disappointing films for me this year – not the worst – were Star Trek Into Darkness and Anchorman 2. I’ve blocked out most of the terrible ones.

    • I couldn’t justify myself sitting through Don Jon I simply thought that the way the topics were handled was quite offensive, I thought it had potential though! I loved Star Trek myself, and I wasn’t too disappointed in Anchorman 2 as I wasn’t expecting much, it wasn’t great though.

  3. Just scrolled down your homepage; how do you expect people to read your reviews if they all have spoilers? I feel like I can’t read your content b/c of this. Reviews are not supposed to include spoilers. I write analysis about certain films that contain spoilers, but analyzing and reviewing are separate things. When I write reviews I mostly stick to bullet points and give nothing away. But hey, this is why I have my own blog, and you have your own. We’re allowed to do what we want. I’m just personally going to avoid blogs that write reviews w/ spoilers. Maybe others agree with me. Maybe not.

    • Hey Gary thanks for commenting, I see your issue here. However personally I only ever read reviews of films after I have seen them myself, I think even if you read spoiler free reviews beforehand they can taint your view of a film. In some cases I like to discuss the major plot points of the films, I am sorry that you feel you cannot read my blog because of this, but please come back after you have seen the movies and give it a read. Also I do have a number of spoiler free reviews and certain posts like this one do not contain spoilers, but as you say that is why we have our own blogs!

      • I like to read reviews ahead of time to see if a film is worth watching according to trusted bloggers. If it’s a film I already plan to see I usually avoid all reviews to make sure not too much is given away.

        I’ll check out some of your stuff, but I think we’re probably going to have a lot of disagreements since I typically don’t get into many action films. I love a good action film, but only if they have a strong story and aren’t full of predictable cliches. It’s hard to find an action film to meet this criteria.

      • Ah okay, well it is good that you have that system in place, I know that my tastes can be quite different to others so I like to find out for myself just.

        Disagreements can be good, makes talking about films that bit more interesting. haha yes I am a fan of the cliched action film, it almost comes with the genre now. What would your favourite action movies be?

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