Buried (DVD Screening)



Despite many of Ryan Reynolds questionable film roles I have almost championed him as an actor and there are several of his movie roles which I really do enjoy! I have been meaning to check this title out for a while now and I always thought that it would be a safe bet for a solid performance from him, so I did have some expectations before watching.

If I am honest the first 30 minutes of the 90 minute film failed to grab my attention, I was constantly comparing Buried to Danny Boyle’s 127 hours. The major difference between these two films is that 127 hours featured various flashbacks whereas Buried is shot entirely in the coffin that Reynolds character (Paul) finds himself in.  After the first half an hour I really did settle into this film and began to enjoy it and the fact that Buried was shot in this manner I think that this should be praised as it would be difficult to maintain the viewers interest and attention with the lack of variety. This was done by Reynolds captivating performance and the surprising amount of trails he faced within this coffin, these I thought were very creative.

Flashbacks would have been a useful tool for this film as the scene could have been included showing the ambush on the convoy of trucks although I did enjoy imagining this scene in my head. I imagined the scene to play out a little like that of the opening scene in Iron Man, so I did enjoy thinking what it would have looked like in Buried.  I feel one of the best tools this film had to offer was the way in which it allowed the viewer to use their imagination, some may see this as lazy film making but I enjoyed this aspect.  I thought it was a brave move to only feature scenes in the coffin and I think that this was successful in the end.  The whole film took this genre of hostage/entrapment films and flipped it on it head in a subtle way.  The fact that Paul had the use of a mobile phone was different to the usual films like this an added another dimension, also the ending was something else.  I thought it was great the way the tension was built and you were made to feel so certain that he was moments away from rescue but then instead the cruel reality was something quite different. It was after this moment that I really began to think of the lack of compassion and sympathy that was shown to Paul on the phone by several individuals and how alone he really had been – once again allowing the viewer to use their imagination.

Reynolds puts in a good performance however I feel it was always going to be limited due to the nature of the film, Buried was a good film but that is probably all it will ever be.  For it to have been something more it would have had to feature more characters and a more sinister or euphoric ending – however in a way I am glad it didn’t.  For Buried to include these aspects would have been somewhat of a cop-out and for me I appreciated and liked Buried for what it is, it’s uniqueness appealed to me.

BIGGEST FLAW – Doesn’t grab the viewers attention particularly well.

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – The way in which the film allows the viewer to engage their imagination.

Rating – 8/10


3 thoughts on “Buried (DVD Screening)

  1. When I saw trailers for this film my first thought was 127 hours but you beat me to that! It’s always interesting how you can be entertained by a limited space or idea, something David Fincher said captured him to direct Panic Room! Although no classic much more skill and imagination is required!

    • Yeah, I thought there were some striking similarities but major differences to, I enjoyed comparing them. Yeah I was a little disappointed with Panic Room, saw it for the first time last year – it was just above average for me. Exam is a good wee film, and from my memory is only set in one room – it is worth checking out!

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