Last Vegas (Cinema Screening)


(Spoiler Free)

Last Vegas, from the very first I had heard of this film all I and I am sure many others could think was that it was a simple rehash of the Hangover, except with a bunch of old Hollywood actors and that their old age would be the only gag! How wrong was I? I was pleasantly surprised at what the final result was.

4 big Hollywood names was pretty much all I thought that Last Vegas was going to have working in it’s favour however I found this film surprisingly funny throughout, I don’t know why I had little faith in these names because they all performed well.  The humour is consistent throughout the film, although what Last Vegas could have benefited from was a few outrageous moments.  Despite the lack of these moments I was impressed by the amount that I laughed at the gags keeping in mind that this film is only a 12A rating.  Kevin Kline and Morgan Freeman were the main providers of the comedy here and they did a really good job, they worked very well together and the dialogue better the pair was genuinely funny.  Kline was the surprise of the film for me, I thought he may have been overshadowed by the other names however it was quite the opposite – with Kline ending up being the most memorable.  Douglas and DeNiro provide more elements towards the general plot which of course is necessary too – both doing well in their roles.

The actual story was fairly predictable but I didn’t mind this, personally I am just glad that it didn’t follow ‘The Hangover’ style setup and Last Vegas actually manages to deal with several quite important issues – although these take away from the comedy at points it provides a whole new avenue for the film.  Last Vegas has some good cameos which provide entertainment and it also features a great soundtrack which helped to maintain the viewers attention.  The ‘old age’ gags were actually some of the funniest moments in the film and managed to be original and steer clear of the usual jokes – the reality of several of the situations was another useful tool for the humour. Last Vegas is an incredibly enjoyable comedy, something that is rare in modern times.  So it won’t go down in history and probably won’t be quoted much but it made people laugh, so doesn’t it serve it’s purpose?

BIGGEST FLAW – Lacked some outrageously funny moments

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – The on screen banter between Freeman and Kline

This film isn’t the Hangover, so don’t expect that – but give it a chance and I am confident you will enjoy yourself.

Rating – 8/10 


2 thoughts on “Last Vegas (Cinema Screening)

  1. I agree with you, from the trailers I was like “yeah ok – ” as you say a Hangover with old people! Well how wrong I was and you were. It had great characters, was predictable, but had some nice little twists along the way and was extremely entertaining. Funny, without being silly and touching without being schmaltzy. Great cast, though Kline and Freeman were the standout guys for me.

    Nice review as well.

    • Mate, I couldn’t agree with you more! And when it wasn’t funny, it wasn’t irritating – which was good. Really solid just, but far above the average for comedies! Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

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