The Mechanic (DVD Screening)


After shall we say a somewhat disappointing string of Statham movies that I have seen recently I was beginning to lose faith in the Stath!  However even still I can’t resist a cheapo action DVD starring the man himself, so the latest one I picked up was The Mechanic. The Mechanic is a return to form for Jason Statham in my opinion, I really enjoyed it.

The Mechanic starts well, not with a full out action sequence but a more understated assassination, however I thought this was a good opening sequence and I enjoy when films like these use intelligence opposed to all out action (do love this too!) there was a great balance of this in the Mechanic. There are several great action scenes throughout the film and there is certainly no issue with pacing – the variety is good and the action is gritty but slick at the same time.  Statham is fantastic as always, he plays a slightly different character than usual (only slightly!) with him being more willing to work with others and actually training up another assassin (or mechanic) almost as his apprentice.  This provided an interesting dimension for the film.

Ben Foster was a great accompaniment to Statham here and was able to match the action skills that the Stath had to offer.  They were a good duo, and this made me wonder if Statham should explore more films where he has the chance to work as a pair rather than just the one man band he so often portrays. The finale to the film was great, it featured some of the best action in the whole film however it was nearly over before it began, the film could have benefited from extending this sequence and drawing out a little more tension as it seemed quite one-sided.  The scenes that follow the finale are what the viewer has been waiting for in terms of the duo, as the viewer see Foster’s character work out that it was in fact Statham who killed his father, these scenes are played out very well and provided another element to the ending.

BIGGEST FLAW – Needed to draw out the finale slightly more

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Consistently good action throughout

The Mechanic is the best Statham action flick I have seen in a while, for once those claims on the front of the DVD are actually accurate “A BRILLIANT, BRUTAL ACTION THRILLER”.

Rating – 9/10


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