Armageddon (DVD Screening)


(Spoiler free)

Here we find another incident where a film has managed to evade my view for far too long! I picked up Armageddon on DVD at some stage last year and if I am honest it has always been its length that put me of watching it although today I felt like watching something EPIC, and yeah I chose wisely – how good is this film!?

This is what I think movies are all about, end of the world scenarios, everyday people becoming heroes and testing the human spirit! Armageddon had all of this in abundance and more! What I loved about this film was the two half’s it comes in. The first being highly entertaining for reasons including humour! Bruce Willis chasing Ben Affleck with a shotgun around and oil rig – how can you not love this!? Progressing on from this we see the characters train to go into space, again providing a lot of comical moments which despite the severity of the situation works really well – it can be hard to get this balance sometimes.

Then the tone shifts when the story moves to space, here we see the characters develop and we see their true emotions and the limits of their being tested – with magnificent results.  The emotion that is brought out in these scenes is quite something and despite it being cheesy at times it really was fantastic, for me this is what Gravity was missing (Yes I did just slag Gravity).  I suppose it could be said that Armageddon was predictable but it was predictably AWESOME! I honestly enjoyed this film so much, it had everything going for it! Oh and it’s running time was in no way an issue, not once did I feel that the story was dragging and another 20 minutes added on wouldn’t have made me flinch either! Armageddon boasts a great cast and I think all the actors and actresses can be proud of what they have created here, this is an all American blockbuster – we need more of these today!

BIGGEST FLAW – At times Steve Buscemi’s character annoyed me (miniscule flaw though)

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Seamlessly blending humour and emotion

Oh and anytime I hear Aerosimth’s ‘I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing’ from now on, I am going to belt it out so much more than I used to!

Rating – 10/10


6 thoughts on “Armageddon (DVD Screening)

  1. I LOVE Armageddon. Love love love it. It’s cheesy, it’s daft, it’s not brilliantly acted but it’s great fun. It’s one of my go-to Friday/Saturday night films.

    • Yess, really is a great song for the film and just in general! I really did love it, such a watch! Thank you so much, just gave your blog a follow there – looking forward to exploring it!

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