The Croods (DVD Screening)


(Spoiler free)

Recently I am finding that I can’t be disappointed by animated films, they have a perfect formula which provides laughs everytime and they often hold great story lines which are just so much fun to watch.  I am thinking of the likes of Turbo, Frozen and Mr. Peabody & Sherman.  All of these recent animations have provided me with much entertainment as I have watched, and I can add The Croods to this list with considerable ease.

The Croods boasts a great cast including Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds and Nicholas Cage.  It is always nice to recognize voices in these films, whether or not you sit for half an hour trying to work out where you have heard them before it is fun to have these familiar voices featured! All were cast perfectly for their characters easily making the story believable and enjoyable to watch. The Croods is funny, has great dialogue and provides the viewer with a feast of visual delights in the shape of the many different creatures that have been created for this film. A lot of them just look really cool and they were a great addition to the movie, also contributing to many of the sequences included.

The Croods does strike a resemblance to the Ice Age films, so I suppose does lack some originality on this part.  However this doesn’t really detract from the film and how much the viewers can enjoy it.  Some of the gags had been done before as well, but it is these gags that film makers now know work well so with new characters they can almost become entirely new gags.  Basically I am confident that you will enjoy the Croods, it is a cool story with cool characters that presents laughs the whole way through, another great animation to add to the current list of successes!

BIGGEST FLAW – Similarities to the Ice Age series

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – The design of the various creatures included

Rating – 8/10


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