The Lego Movie (Cinema Screening)



The Lego Movie is finally here, and with it’s arrival a question is now posed.  After watching it are you left with that unreal feeling upon completing a Lego set or is it more reminiscent of stepping on a stray brick with bare feet? I was one of those kids with boxes and boxes of Lego, I loved it so much – could literally spend days devoted to building…well nothing in particular but I was simply fascinated by it! Once I heard about the movie I was initially excited but upon seeing trailers again and again I did begin to tire of the idea.  Although after hearing nothing but positive reviews since I made the effort to see it!

The Lego Movie boasts an impressive cast and many memorable characters, I had two personal favourites. The first was Liam Neesons character, Bad Cop.  He was the first character to bring any real comedy to the picture and he was able to continually deliver this throughout the film, Neeson voiced him perfectly and was able to explore some variety just with the nature of the character which was cool to see.  The second of course is Batman.  For me the funniest character in the whole film, the correct decision was made to feature him mainly instead of the other superheros who have minor roles. Anytime he was on screen I was laughing and always eagerly anticipating his next line or move!

There were loads of fantastic characters as well as the two I have mentioned, one scene that I have to mention though is the one featuring the Star Wars characters.  The characters make a cameo appearance and it is just so funny, they could have done to include the Star Wars Lego more in the film however the cameo worked so well because it was unexpected but with a very established group of characters. I really did enjoy this movie and I could appreciate how well it was created, I enjoyed how the scenery around the characters would move and the Lego bricks explosions and black smoke.  It was up until the film took us into the real world that I was loving it, after this not so much.  I had to give myself the mentality of ‘If I think too much about this concept it definitely won’t make sense.’  So I tried to avoid over thinking it however too much time was spent in the real world as I got the sense that everyone was itching to see what the craic was with the LEGO city not this realistic alternative!  I could see what they were doing with this twist, it was kind of clever however I think it would have been better just to have stayed solely in the Lego universe.

Oh and I have to say, just how pants was the Gandalf in this film although Jonah Hill as the Green Lantern was quality and provided a lot of humour.  The minor characters were featured really well and I enjoyed the variety here.  One thing I am left undecided about is would be that song….Everything is Awesome – I’m not so sure, come back to me on that one.  Unfortunately The Lego Movie is another victim of the hype machine.  If a movie is hyped up too much you are never going to enjoy it as much as you had expected too. For me it was the case with Gravity, and obviously not to the same extent here but I do have to say that it would have been better if people had been able to keep their mouths shut! So my advice to you would be to avoid the hype and go and have a blast watching it! – Lego is cool.

BIGGEST FLAW – Poor ending


Rating – 8/10


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