Cuban Fury (Cinema Screening)


(Spoiler free)

Nick Frost and Chris O’Dowd in a comedy about men dancing salsa to get girls.  I didn’t even need to see a trailer to know that I wanted to see this.  I just about caught it before it’s run in the cinemas was over, but if I am honest after seeing it I don’t think I would have minded if this one slipped past me, it was quite disappointing.

Unfortunately Cuban Fury just wasn’t that funny.  There was humour in there it just wasn’t as outrageous as it needed to be to get the laughs.  When I think about past comedies that Frost and O’Dowd have featured in such as Bridesmaids, Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead it just simply doesn’t compare. It also felt so much longer that it was, when I came out of the cinema it felt like I had watched a 2 hour film, but when I checked the running time it wasn’t even 100 minutes! Much of Cuban Fury was fairly predictable and some points were pretty boring.

However what Cuban Fury does have going for it is the great actors and actresses featured.  Chris O’Dowd’s character was funny, he starts of well in a sequence were he dances to the pussycat dolls but this is where he peaks or possibly further on in another dance sequence.  There was greater potential here but he still puts in a good performance, much like Frost himself.  His character was slightly limited in terms of comedy but he does a great job as a leading man.  I also loved Olivia Colman, but to be fair she is wonderful in whatever she acts in.  She may have been slightly underused in Cuban Fury but what she does contribute is great. Cuban Fury showcases a great British cast, who made me want to love this film but I simply didn’t. Oh and there is a fantastic cameo so look out for that, probably one of the biggest laughs in there!

BIGGEST FLAW – Too predictable


Warning – You may leave the cinema with a certain Latin spring to your step.

Rating – 6/10


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