Saving Private Ryan (DVD Screening)


(Spoiler free)

Saving Private Ryan (SPR), it’s one of those films that when you tell people you haven’t seen it that they just give you that look, you know the one I am talking about. It’s a mix of disbelief, astonishment and just a tiny bit of disgust! It seems there are a lot of film like this I haven’t seen.  I know I will enjoy these types of film, but they tend to be epics and a lot of the time I like to explore less well known ones meaning that I never get round to watching these ‘classics’, anyone else the same? Ah well I finally did get round to watching this earlier in the week, and here are my thoughts.

Saving Private Ryan really does deserve the high praise that it receives, it was a fantastic film that easily keeps your attention despite its ridiculous running time. SPR starts with an incredibly intense scene as the troops storm the beach, this sequence is brilliantly done and immediately puts the viewer in the context in which this film is set and it is a brutal one.  The war sequences included in this film were fantastic and easily the best I have ever seen in this genre. They seemed so realistic and they were captivating, there was such a lack of safety and no character was ever secure, creating the perfect sense of tension that is vital for this films success.

The cast lead by Tom Hanks were also fantastic and the sheer amount of well-known actors featured was quite something.  Obviously when this film was released they wouldn’t have been as well known but still it was a pleasant surprise to see the likes of Giovanni Ribisi and Vin Diesel featured here. There was a fantastic mix of characters in SPR and they each brought something quite different to the film, however the standout performance for me was Matt Damon.  Although Damon has much less screen time than many of the other actors he demands the attention of the viewer whilst he is on screen, I would go as far to say that this is Damon’s performance of his career.  A much younger Damon obviously but a commanding one.

Steven Spielberg adds another unreal film to his directing credits, proving that there doesn’t have to be a man-eating shark/dinosaur or an alien for him to create a movie that will go down in cinema history.  SPR really is a wonderful piece of film and will unlikely ever be matched, but I would love to see any attempts!

BIGGEST FLAW – Genuinely couldn’t pick one out

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – So many, but I would pick out the war sequences

Rating – 10/10


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