The Fighter (DVD Screening)

Image(Spoiler free)

The Fighter was a film that had largely slipped under my movie radar, however a well placed trailer on another of my DVDs and a new found appreciation for fighting films quickly changed that. The Fighter has it all on paper, a fantastic cast, a gripping true story and tense boxing matches – but does it pack any real punch?

The Fighter is a fantastic film, I could tell from the opening scenes that I was going to love it.  It has been crafted in a way that was so realistic, I never doubted the truth behind this story. The way in which certain scenes were filmed and edited was also very impressive, specifically the boxing sequences.  These were produced in such a way as to give that older feel to them and to be appropriate to the period that this movie is set in, it really added to the overall feel of the film, and they are so seamlessly placed in between the other scenes that it never seems unnatural or forced. However despite the fact that this is film surrounding boxing culture there is actually little time devoted to this sequences.  I liked this, there is nothing worse than drawn out scenes of boxing matches one after the other especially in terms of a finale.  The Fighter instead chooses to focus on the characters in this story and how they relate to one another, clever move.

All the characters were so interesting and had so much to offer, I can now see why Amy Adams and Christian Bale both received Oscars for their roles here.  Bale most definitely demands the most attention in the movie, and rightly so his character ‘Dickie’ is the most interesting to watch and despite his attitude and actions in many cases the viewer still manages to hope for the best in terms of his future, between the character and Bale’s performance he creates a strangely endearing figure and one that it incredibly enthralling to watch. Mark Wahlberg also puts in a brilliantly understated performance but he still delivers his role with confidence and he stands his ground among the other great acting talent on offer in The Fighter.

As I always say if the story is true it adds so much weight behind the entire film and this again is the case, the story is quite wonderful and the brutal honesty makes for a great film.  The Fighter doesn’t even push 2 hours of a running time, I am in two minds about this.  I am glad it wasn’t drawn out and I was most definitely satisfied with the film I saw however I can’t help but feel that they could have maybe teased out some scenes further and strived to exert slightly more emotion which would have made an already superb film spectacular.

BIGGEST FLAW – Could have been longer

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Several brilliant performances

Rating – 10/10


6 thoughts on “The Fighter (DVD Screening)

  1. Wow, that’s a glowing review! I didn’t mind this film but I found it a little …flat, despite all the histrionic performances and big scenes. Bale was definitely great here, though.

    • Yeah, I really did enjoy it! I definitely feel that slightly more emotion could have been teased out and that may have solved your issue with it being flat as I can understand why you may think it lacks that edge, for me it was enough but I could see the benefit of more. The entire cast was great, so believable!

  2. Cool review yo. I saw this film in the cinema and while I don’t love it as much as you do, I thought it was really good with some terrific performances Christian Bale, Melissa Leo, Amy Adams and even Mark Walhberg that most people seem to dismiss in the film.

    • Yeah I would agree with you, all performances impressed me – Walhberg’s character didn’t offer him the same chance to showcase his acting skills compared to the others but he still does a fantastic job!

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