The Grey (DVD Screening)


All that I had heard about this film was that Liam Neeson fights wolves, and that is all I needed to hear.  I have to give credit to those who informed me about this movie as well because it is actually quite an accurate description of what happens.  Could this be the most badass that I have seen Neeson in a movie role, quite possibly however I am not sure it quite reaches the level of Taken, but c’mon he is fighting wolves so that kind of elevates him to a new level of badass.

Yeah as I expected I loved it, I genuinely don’t think I have ever watched a film featuring Neeson that I haven’t enjoyed! So in recent years Neeson may have been typecast into one character but it is one I and I’m guessing many others love watching.  Neeson plays these characters so well and it is always exciting to see how they will deal with situations whether it is a plane being held hostage or being hunted by a pack of wolves.  The action is great in the Grey and you will never feel at ease as it features numerous ‘jump scares’ which I love, it creates a whole new sense of terror which always complements a film.  Even when the pace slows down as it does many times for more emotional back stories around the fire moments you can’t completely settle yourself as you always know there is a possibility of a wolf jumping someone! This meant that although there were several of these slower paced scenes that the viewer was never bored and was always on the edge of their seats.

The wolves were genuinely scary and proved more effective than many other villains in films, however on occasions when the wolves attacked the close up shots weren’t great and did look quite fake, but at other times they looked really good. This aspect was really hit and miss throughout the film.  It was also quite difficult to get to know the characters in the group as they weren’t distinct enough and just as you get to know them they get bumped off one by one by the wolves, the addition of a female character could have been useful – even if one of the cabin crew had survived the plane crash.  Although saying that it wasn’t really an issue as all your attention is on Liam Neesons character and his story, and he is more than capable of satisfying the viewers need for this.

The ending was my favourite part of the film.  The whole finale is constructed so well, you see Neeson’s character seemingly give up and then he is confronted a final time by the wolves.  The combination of the music, the way Neeson recites the poem featured throughout the film and finding out the truth about his partner all works well together brilliantly and creates an unreal final scene.  The fact that the credits role just has the fight begins was great too because featuring the actual fight would have taken away from the entire sequence.  I was okay not knowing the outcome of the fight too, but for those who would be you just have to wait until the end of the credits and you get your answer, this keeps everyone happy.  I don’t understand why I haven’t heard more about this film, as it was pretty unreal.  Add it to your Neeson collection if you haven’t already, it will easily cement itself among his best!

BIGGEST FLAW – Close up wolf scenes were hit and miss


Rating – 9/10


4 thoughts on “The Grey (DVD Screening)

  1. Good to read a review from you again! The Grey is great, remember watching this a year or so back and Liam Neeson as always is just brilliant! The final scenes are great along with the Wolves throughout if I’m honest, Glad you enjoyed 🙂

  2. Interesting review, when The Grey came ous I heard a lot of mixed things about. There was pretty much people who loved it and people that hated it and since my best mate saw it (who is a pretty big fan of Neeson), told me it wasn’t his cup of tea, I decided to give it a miss during its cinema run. I’ve always pondered whether I should give this a watch or not and I think your review may have convinced me. 🙂

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