Need For Speed (Cinema Screening)

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It is no secret that Fast & Furious is the dominant film franchise when it comes to street racing, however when you really think about it this genre isn’t really overcrowded like many others.  I am a huge fan of the Fast & Furious series, it is one of my all time favourites so I was actually really pleased to hear about this movie, I welcome films that are similar to it because I am more than likely going to enjoy them! I also grew up playing a lot of the Need for Speed games so this only added to the appeal, I had a kickass Mazda RX8, just sayin!

Need for Speed is no Fast & Furious, I will say that straight off however I still thoroughly enjoyed this movie and it made a great attempt at competing with its rivals. Need For Speed got the basics right, throughout the film it displays unreal looking cars that sound great and the chase/race sequences all deliver as well, this was good.  Where it lacked was its characters, I didn’t think very many of these were strong maybe apart from Finn.  Now several of the characters did become likeable as the film progressed but for me it took too long for this too happen, Imogen Poots stereotypical performance of a British female was quite annoying and the character Pete looked like he had been plucked straight out of a boyband.  I really couldn’t make my mind up about Dominic Cooper as the films villain, at times he was great but on too many occasions I was left a little unconvinced, he never really seemed that much of a threat which was a shame because there was potential here however he gets the job done.  Oh and what was Kid Cudi doing in this film, he was fine I suppose but his attempt at being the character to inject humour into the film didn’t really work although this is a fault with the script and not his performance.

In the final sequence there were several obvious continuity errors which was really just quite sloppy, usually things like that don’t bother me but when they are so obvious it is a little frustrating.  Aaron Paul does a good job as the lead in Need for Speed and I could really see him develop into this role.  The crash and stunt scenes were really impressive though, and I am excited to see what heights can be reached with these in the future, the addition of music to some of these scenes would have helped but they were strong enough to hold their own.  The music that was featured was great, I wish it had been featured more however when it was I really enjoyed it especially in the finale, this was effective.  Need For Speed delivered much of what I expected, I knew I would enjoy it but not to the same level as Fast & Furious.  I really hope that it can spawn a sequel and even a series as I could see the characters and the action really develop much like Fast & Furious and in my opinion you can’t have too many supercar film series!

BIGGEST FLAW – Continuity errors


Rating – 7.5/10


6 thoughts on “Need For Speed (Cinema Screening)

  1. Good review. It took the F&F franchise more than 5 films to really stand out. It’s good to see that Need for Speed does so well in the reviews. Looking forward to watching it.

    • Thank you, yeah that is very true! Fast 5 was the first of that franchise I actually saw, hopefully Need For Speed can do the same, and this time I will be able to follow it from the start!

  2. Good day to you, awesome review yo, I think you’re one of the first people to see that actually liekd the film. Indeed this film is nowhere near as good as the recent Fast and Furious films, however it is pretty damn good as an adrenaline action film with killer stunt work and practical effects. The story does have a good few holes and absurd levels of unrealistic situations, that being said the film does succeed at being fun and that’s all I require from the film.

    • Cheers man, I haven’t seen many reviews of it yet but have thought that the reception was fairly mixed, I knew that I would like it though. Yeah fun is the main goal here, but franchises here also have the potential to develop pretty great storylines throughout several films!

  3. Great review – For what it was I loved it, I thought the primary goal of having entertaining racing and decent realistic looking car stunts was achieved perfectly. Fair enough the cars were a little extreme, but that just added to the adrenaline rush, and I do agree in the final race, the editing (continuity) was a little off, but I think that happens in the majority of car chase sequences. On the whole though they were very well put together. I especially liked the first detour round the small town, thought that was great fun.

    Now I had the added bonus of DBOX seats, and as much as I had enjoyed Gravity in them, this was the perfect vehicle for this extra dimension; just awesome.

    As for the story, script and cast; Story, the murder/revenge plot line is well worn and really it was just any excuse to get them to race! The script is nothing exciting, while they do try to enforce how close the group is, it’s quite flat at times. As for the cast, Paul does well with what he’s got. Poots is ok as well. Cooper I liked, while “Maverick” was the better of his close friends.

    I liked the score as well.

    3/5 but pushed to 3.5/5 with the Dbox

    • I especially noticed the continuity errors in the final race sequence, like when cars were supposedly out of the race they would just appear to be in the race again in the next shot, it was confusing at times. I thought the first detour round the town could have done with some music in the background! That is pretty cool about the DBOX seats, well Need For Speed is one I will be adding to my DVD collection and I really do hope for a sequel! Cheers for commenting dude!

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