Captain America The Winter Soldier (Cinema Screening)



So after the frankly disappointing efforts from Marvel since The Avengers, namely Iron Man 3 and Thor The Dark World comes the second individual outing for Captain America.  Just to clarify I do still love the Iron Man and Thor movies it just has to be said that they weren’t up to scratch in numerous ways, I have reviews on both which you can read if you are interested.  I was never Caps biggest fan and was always more interested in the other Avengers, Captain America the First Avenger was good however it fails to stand out compared to the origin stories of Iron Man and Thor.  However despite this, the trailers got me hooked and I was feeling really positive about this movie, and I was right to feel that way.

This outing has easily been the best in terms of The Avengers franchise, it was fantastic. Firstly Captain America like all the characters featured has become so much more badass since we last saw him, this is evident from the opening sequence which is basically a sped up version of Captain Phillips! I think it is a case of the character actually working better in this time period than the one he actually came from.  In this film it is believable that he could be the commander of the Avengers, he was a real hero – something that could have been debated before hand, now though he has cemented his place in the Marvel universe as a heavyweight, praise to Chris Evans for delivering this. The Winter Soldier was a better version of the Avengers, with SHIELD being compromised a small team have to work together to fight through this situation, that team being Cap, Black Widow, Falcon and Nick Fury and a few SHIELD agents.  This team was actually more exciting and effective than the Avengers.

Scarlett Johansson has found her role with Black Widow, with each outing she gets better and better.  She is the perfect character to bounce of Cap in this movie and the chemistry between the pair is great to watch.  Black Widow always delivers unreal action sequences and here she doesn’t disappoint, The Winter Soldier features her best scenes yet easily convincing me of the capability of having a solo Black Widow movie. Before now I wouldn’t have been convinced however after seeing her in action here I would love to see her story explored more, she is always talking about these other missions so it would be really cool to see some looked into. Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury also has his best outing here, as before he hasn’t really got too involved with events but here he is right in the middle of things and possibly one of the best scenes is purely devoted to him, and it is unreal to see Samuel L Jackson be able to get fully stuck into his role! The Falcon too was unreal and I’m excited to see where his involvement gets taken in the future, but as I say it was so good to see this team at work and all the characters complemented each other wonderfully.

I genuinely have no flaws with this film, any that I mention really would be me nitpicking.  However I thought they made the identity of The Winter Soldier so obvious throughout the movie by constantly mentioning Bucky, I already knew from an internet spoiler who he would be but I thought it was made too obvious for other viewers, more mystery here would have been better, but as I say, nitpicking! Anyway he was a great villain and a good match for Cap!  What I liked so much about this movie was that compared to its predecessors it took itself much more seriously, of course there was still that quirky Marvel humour featured but in the right quantities.   Something that the new Thor movie got so wrong, The Winter Soldier was getting closer to the DC vibes of The Dark knight and Man of Steel and this is definitely a good thing, the whole movie just felt so much more credible than others in the series.  As you can probably tell I loved it, Marvels best effort in a long time! All I can say is that the new Spiderman and X-Men movies have a lot to live up to now!

BIGGEST FLAW – Making the Winter Soldiers identity too obvious

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Managing to successfully showcase so many great characters

Rating – 10/10

5 thoughts on “Captain America The Winter Soldier (Cinema Screening)

  1. Great review yo, I pretty much loved this film from beginning yo, the story was so good and complex, the action sequences are insane especially the hand-to-hand combat scenes and characters were awesome. Cap went from being the most boring of the superhero Avengers to the most hardcore, Chris Evans is the best, he totally embodies the role so well now. I also want to see a Black Widow film now because she seems like she has so many layers and interesting elements that could work in a solo film. Nick Fury was also badass and this is probably the most open he has been with people and Falcon was a great addition to the team too, I can’t wait to see him in future films. After seeing the film twice I don’t think I love it as much as Avengers but it was totally awesome and I’m sure I’ll see it a third time.

    1. Thanks for your comments mate! Yeah I would say that Cap has quickly risen up the ranks in terms of my favourite avengers! I think the Winter Soldier is a better film than the avengers however I think the avengers is probably more entertaining and has more rewatchability.

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