Noah (Cinema Screening)


I am just going to get straight in there with this review and clarify that this movie, Noah, is not biblically accurate. This is a fact that most of us probably already know and I am sure that it was never the intention of the film makers to make a verse by verse reproduction of this story from the Bible. Much like other films that are based on true events, ‘based on’ is the important part of that phrase. One main story or character is usually chosen and then other plot points are brought in or constructed around this one truth for dramatic effect and to make a better movie, this is the case here.  However in my personal opinion I do think it is a shame as I would have loved to seen a credible biblical epic, it was possible as there were some parts that were very well done however because of the manufactured sections this took away from those scenes. I want to raise the point that I cannot mark the film down for that as it never was the intention but I just needed to clarify that so that I can now discuss Noah purely as a film.

It has to be said that Noah gets off to a shaky start, I was almost immediately unsure of my feelings towards the film from the opening sequence, and then to add to this the addition of ‘The Watchers’ (basically the giant rock monsters) certainly did not help.  I thought that ‘The Watchers’ took away from a lot of what the film goes on to achieve, to me their inclusion was silly and they looked awful.  I am aware that they role was necessary as without them the entire sequence were mankind attempt to board the ark simply would not have worked however they are probably the main issue I had with the film, or certainly the one that makes me hold back from praising the film. Once the flood hits things start to get a lot better, however for the film being about Noah the viewers actually see very little of the flood.  I wanted to see more of the damage and the effects that the flood had however this was not the case all that is given is some rainfall, a couple of geysers and some waves – a little disappointing considering that it is the main subject of the story.

What the film did very well was highlight the darkness of the whole event, I am very familiar with the biblical story of Noah but what this film achieved was bringing the severity of the situation to the forefront, something that I had not considered before. The aspect of the film that I enjoyed the most was that of Hams storyline. Ham was by far the most interesting character present and it was his story that I found myself becoming most involved in.  It was much of his story that contributed to the darkness of the film (although these parts weren’t biblical they made for a good movie) and a few scenes were very brutal – in particular the one in which his friend gets trampled.  Ham was played by Logan Lerman and boy did he impress, the star of the film for me.  His past performances have done little to impress me but here he has cemented himself as a fantastic actor, especially due credit because of the powerful cast that surrounded him. Lerman is an actor that I will be looking out for in the future. The acting across the board was fantastic and I thought the performances from Russell Crowe, Emma Watson and Jennifer Connelly were all very believable and deserve praise.

So as I said once the characters moved onto the ark this is when the film gets really good and starts to pick up pace and I can honestly say that once this transition took place I was gripped until the ark hit land. Unfortunately much like the start of the film the ending had little to offer, and this most definitely was not helped by some of the most dodgey effects I have seen in a while.  Overall I really did enjoy Noah for what it is, a movie, people are going to get caught up in the smaller details and inaccuracies I know, but if we view it as simply a movie I feel we can then all have a discussion about it in the same way and appreciate it or not for what it is.

BIGGEST FLAW – The inclusion of ‘The Watchers’

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Hams storyline and character helped by Lerman’s performance

Rating – 8/10



6 thoughts on “Noah (Cinema Screening)

  1. It’s a strange movie, but it’s also one that kept me thinking about it from time to time. Which is probably exactly what Aronofsky wanted me to do in the first place. Good review.

    • Yeah you got that right, and it certainly has got people riled up! You are right though as I was watching it I found myself thinking up questions about so many different aspects, had my mind at work anyway – which is always good! Thank you!

  2. Not sure if you intended this or not but you make the Watchers sound like they were something Aronofsky made up himself. There’s actually a lot of evidence for them outside of the Bible, particularly in the apocryphal Book of Enoch. That and the throwaway reference in Genesis 6 to “the sons of God” almost begged for their inclusion to flesh out the story. A little disappointed we didn’t get Aronofsky’s take on the Nephilim though!

    • I have to admit my knowledge of the Noah story is limited to what is found in the Bible, thanks for bringing that to my attention though – however I would still stand by my points about them. Again I don’t know who the Nephilim are so can’t really comment on that!

  3. Cool review yo, to be honest I really liked this film and I also gave it a 8/10 too. I thought it was really good and a hell of lot better than I expected. I liked how it took the well-known Bible story and made some very interesting a significant changes. The visual side oft he film is incredible, some of the CGI work and cinematography, especially in those dream and history scenes or those moments when the film was silhouetted it was gorgeous to look. Noah definitely has that Darren Aronofsky vibe to it as it was dark and twisted and proper brutal at points. The acting was great too, I think the stand outs were Emma Watson and Russell Crowe, Crowe especially as this was my favourite performance from him in a long time.

    • Thanks mate, yeah it was good however it hasn’t had the best lasting impact on me if I am honest. CGI was good in those scenes however I thought the watchers looked awful lol The performances were great though, Crowe was fantastic!

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