The Raid (DVD Screening)


With The Raid 2 coming out this weekend I thought it was about time that I checked out the original which was released in 2011.  All I have heard about the original has been heaps and heaps of praise, not a bad word against it – of course I had to be careful whilst watching it because of this, expectations can ruin films.

The Raid was fantastic, I did not need to worry about being underwhelmed! The best thing about this film is quite obviously the action sequences and what struck me about them was they were generally just made up of combat.  They didn’t require crazy stunts, explosions or chase sequences to be entertaining.  Several of the fight scenes were incredibly long as well however at no point did my interest begin to flag, these scenes were so captivating and I found myself just marveling at the variety of moves that I was watching, they were pretty unreal! Also the scenes in which the main character, Rama (Iko Uwais) took down hoards of the residents of the tower block in the corridors was so badass. The sequences were so well put together, the way in which they were choreographed made the film flow so well and moved seamlessly from scene to scene.  I didn’t for once doubt the reality of this film as a story, the fighting was so unreal but the way in which it was put together it was so believable.

The Raid is a foreign film so was in subtitles, I won’t hide the fact that I did struggle with this at the start of the film although I am not saying that this was a fault with the film. Thankfully the nature of The Raid meant that there wasn’t that much dialogue, as I know that I would have tired reading subtitles for 100 minutes.  Subtitled films are something I could see myself getting into but I know I would have to train myself to watch them, so I actually feel that The Raid was a good shout for introducing me to them.  Despite being action heavy (understatement of the century) The Raid also featured a good story, corrupt cops and family themes rain through the film and these were a great accompaniment to the action.  These themes could have been developed slightly more and that would be my only issue with the film, these storylines had great potential and it would have been cool to have seen them explored more deeply.

So yeah I am genuinely surprised that The Raid does not feature in more of these ‘Greatest action movies’ lists, watch out Die Hard – I doubt John McClane would have survived that Tower Block! It is safe to say that I am pumped for The Raid 2, I expect that they will up their game in terms of the action and anything at the same level or more that the original is something to get excited about, bring it on!

BIGGEST FLAW – Underdeveloped storylines


Rating – 9/10


6 thoughts on “The Raid (DVD Screening)

  1. Great review yo. I saw this film back in February in preparation for the sequel and I really liked it, the fight scenes were badass and my god some of the kills in that film was just filthy. I loved it.

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