The Raid 2 (Cinema Screening)


Having watched the first in this series only a number of days ago I was buzzin’ to see this sequel, The Raid impressed me so much and I was unsure if anything would be able to top it.  The Raid 2 tops it, and with considerable ease at that, It actually made the first film look rubbish and the first film is unreal – that is how much I enjoyed this movie, wow it was just incredible.

Everything about The Raid 2 just takes a step up from the Raid. It is immediately noticeable that the film looks a lot sharper and is more slick, whatever way the filming has been done it has made a substantial difference and it looked great! I loved how the story picks up literally just from where the first one ended, this was especially good for me as I had watched the first so recently – it connected the films brilliantly. The Raid was heavy on action and does skimp slightly on story (this isn’t a problem) but The Raid 2 intertwines both of these elements seamlessly. The story was so developed and I enjoyed following it, however on occasions this was made difficult by the fast moving subtitles which I found hard to keep up with, although for the majority of the movie this wasn’t an issue. Also it was very confusing to use the same actor who played Mad Dog in the first film in a different role in this feature as until I read otherwise I assumed Mad Dog had returned from the dead and I was just very confused.  Apart from this the story did explain itself and I found myself working it out as the movie progressed and once I had the better of it I could really appreciate it.

The Raid was renowned for its violence, and rightly so.  However as with everything else The Raid 2 has managed to outdo its predecessor. Flip me, this movie was difficult to watch at points, I can recall several moments where I flinched and actually had to look away however something I did appreciate was when there was a really, REALLY grim scene it generally didn’t focus on it. The fight scenes were something else though, like I just couldn’t believe what I was watching, but I loved it! Two of my favourite characters were two new assassins, one using a baseball and bat and the other used a pair of hammers as their weapons of choice. This pair were a great addition to the cast and provided some fantastic action sequences, really adding something different to the scenes they were featured in.  I made the comment in my review for The Raid that I liked how the action didn’t rely on car chases, explosions etc now there was more of this present in The Raid 2, a great deal more actually.  However these elements didn’t detract from the combat scenes they simply enhanced them making for some of the best action sequences I have ever seen.  The Raid 2 also had subtle humour as well, I loved this as it wasn’t the style of humour found say in Kill Bill but it was just so simple, but it worked fantastically.

There were some small details that annoyed me about this film but they are so miniscule in comparison to the heaps of praise that I have for this movie, if you saw the first movie and loved it I am confident that you will thoroughly enjoy this movie! Love that the sequel in my opinion is easily stronger than the original.  I hope that more of these films are created and I can see this series just going from strength to strength.  I can honestly say that The Raid series is easily the strongest action series I have seen even only with 2 efforts to its name.

BIGGEST FLAW – Confusion caused by using the same actor (Mad Dog)

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Managing to outdo its predecessor in every aspect

Rating – 10/10


3 thoughts on “The Raid 2 (Cinema Screening)

  1. Cool review yo, I really liked this film, I thought it was frigging insane. The action sequences are great especially with the car chases, but the fight scenes were where it was at. They were incredibly choreographed and were the best sequences and scenes I have watched since Ip Man. My only issues with the film wast hat it was a bit on the long side, some of the story got a bit confusing and seeing that dude that played Mad Dog again confused the hell of me.

    • Yeah I loved everything you have mentioned there! I can see why some people may think the length is an issue, personally I didn’t think so but yes seeing Mad Dog again was kinda stupid – gonna cause a lot of confusion!

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