The Love Punch (Cinema Screening)

Image(Spoiler free)

Emma Thompson and Pierce Brosnan, what a great pair of leads for a film like this.  Naturally as a massive Bond fan anything featuring Brosnan grabs my attention and well Emma Thompson speaks for herself, she is just fantastic! The Love Punch looked funny from trailers and it seemed like the kind of film that I would enjoy, it is dead silly and doesn’t take itself too seriously which only worked in its favour!

Both Brosnan and Thompson were hilarious in their respective roles and they had great on screen chemistry which was essential for this film to work, good casting here. Timothy Spall and Celia Imrie were also the perfect support for them and the four of them all did a great job much of the comedy hinging on their performances which were good! The Love Punch was funny, and it had me laughing for the majority of the film – when laughs were intended they happened. In many comedies you can see where there laughs were intended but they don’t always come, this rarely was the case in The Love Punch. Pair this comedy with a ridiculous plot and you have something quite refreshing amongst the labored rom-coms and even the serious thrillers and sci-fi efforts of the year so far.  Was nice just to go to the cinema and have a laugh, one of the first times that it has happened properly this year!

Now the comedy featured isn’t crude, it isn’t outrageous, for the most part it is just good clean humour. I can see why The Love Punch has made little impact and why it is receiving poor reviews. Most cinema goers today won’t appreciate this kind of humour, it is a humour of a certain generation and I would say that the younger generation would be left feeling that they hadn’t been humoured at all! I do appreciate this kind of comedy and that is why I enjoyed it, also I went to see this movie with people from 2 other generations older than my own and this obviously helped with my enjoyment of the film.  The film moves along at a good pace and jumps from scene to scene well keeping the attention of the viewer just the way they would want it to and what was great was the fact that it was consistently funny. My only flaw would be the ending, it did take a bit too long to round the story off, a result of this The Love Punch simply fizzled out rather than ending on a laugh which I think would have been better.  However the strength of the rest of the movie makes up for this.  I would imagine that The Love Punch will be most enjoyed watched with the whole family, if you are looking for a comedy to enjoy by yourself I am not sure that this is the one for you. If you enjoyed the likes of Mamma Mia and other films similar to that I think you will enjoy The Love Punch.

BIGGEST FLAW – Took too long to tie things up

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Great cast able to pull of the gags well

Rating – 9/10


One thought on “The Love Punch (Cinema Screening)

  1. I am so pleased to find a review similar to mine! I really enjoyed this one as well, like you said it’s dead silly and doesn’t take itself too seriously which only works in its favour! That is spot on about this film, I thought it was a nice British comedy! 🙂

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