The Liebster Award!

ImageSo let me first explain what this Liebster award is all about, it took me a while to grasp the concept so bare with me!

The Liebster Award is a prestigious award passed between fellow bloggers. It aims to recognise new/underrated/under-appreciated blogs, giving the writer’s the recognition they deserve and maybe even expanding their readership.
The rules:
  • The bloggers who have been nominated must link back to the person who nominated them.
  • Nominees must answer the eleven questions given to them by the person who nominated them.
  • Those nominated must choose eleven of their favorite bloggers who have less than 200 followers to answer their own set of questions
  • When you are nominated, you cannot nominate the person who nominated you.

I have been nominated 3 times and I appreciate each nomination, they have come from, and All great sites which you should definitely check out! I am going to answer the set of questions from Ben’s Basement as they are the set that are most related to films and that’s what I love to talk about, so here goes!


1) What’s your most prized Blu-ray/DVD/VHS and why does it have a special significance to you?
I wouldn’t say that I really have any prized DVDs as such, I would put more emphasis and value on the movie itself, so some of my favourites would be Fight Club and my James Bond collection. However in terms of this question I do have a few DVDs which are pretty cool that would come close to being prized.  I really love my extended edition of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, it is pretty awesome. Although right up there at the top would have to be my Ultimate 2 – disc edition of Iron Man that comes in an Iron Man Helmet as the case for the DVD, although it is a bit of a pain to display amongst my other DVDs it is so worth it just because it is so cool!
2) What was the first movie you remember seeing in the cinema?
Flip, this is quite a difficult question I am really not sure! I remember seeing the first Harry Potter film in the cinema.  Although that didn’t end so well as I had to leave because I was so scared! I only made it to Gringotts – first sight of those Goblins and I was out of there! Probably my earliest cinema memory would be going to see Jingle All The Way with my school when I was really young although there could well have been some before that!
3) What was the first 18/R-rated movie you saw in the cinema?
This again I am not too sure of either! It was a while before I really began watching films with an 18 rating and it would have been more on DVD that I began to explore this rating! I am not sure at all but it could have well been The Wolf of Wall Street this year that was the first! Since then I have also seen The Raid 2 which also holds this rating!
4) Have you ever dressed up as a movie character for a party/holiday/occasion?
Well this is a question I can answer! I have probably done this a bit too much, pfft who am I kidding you can never do this enough! The list of characters that I have dressed up as include; The Incredible Hulk, Spider-man, Batman, James Bond and Clark Kent.  For my own sake I won’t include any photos…
5) When did you last cry like a baby whilst watching a movie?
ImageNo shame in admitting that the last time this happened was when I re-watched The Amazing Spider-man.  What can I say, the entire sequence where the death of Uncle Ben takes place is just too much for me! Even the lead up to and the aftermath get me going like, it is just packed full of so much emotion that it is hard to watch and feel nothing for the characters. Peters hurt regarding his past and lack of Father in his life, Aunt May’s struggle in being caught between her nephew and husband and then Uncle Ben’s responsibility to each of them. When it all comes together and results in Ben’s death I don’t see any other reasonable reaction other than to have a sob!
6) Have movies taught you any life lessons that you still adhere to today?
ImageI am not sure if I have learnt any lessons from them in the past that I have carried through my life, maybe subconsciously though! Although one thing that I am passionate about in life is mentoring.  A theme which is present in one of my Top 10 movies of all time, The Way Way Back.  Sam Rockwell plays the character of Owen who effectively mentors the main character Duncan for one summer.  I really liked seeing this theme in this movie and it certainly re-enforced my views on the idea, something I definitely try to adhere to in my own life.  This is a fantastic movie, and this mentoring theme is only one of the great things about it! Seriously go watch it, if you don’t enjoy it I would be baffled.
7) Think of your favourite director. Now write a short poem about why you love their work.
Despite being such a movie fan, I actually don’t have a favourite director. Thank goodness as poetry is not my strong point.  Honorable mentions would have to include Steven Spielberg as he is behind one of my all time favourite movies, Jaws.  Also have a great love for Marc Webb and Christopher Nolan for their work on Spider-man and Batman.  This is a question I think I will be able to properly answer in a few years time, don’t just want to pick one for the sake of answering the question – has got me thinking though!
8) What’s your favourite movie score/soundtrack?
Another question that is very difficult for me, wouldn’t say that I have a hands down winner.  However the first movie score/soundtrack that I ever bought was Cliff Martinez’s Drive soundtrack.  This did help me to fall in love with the movie and I can be sure has definitely made me more aware of scores and soundtracks in general.  Most recently I would have to say that Hans Zimmer’s Man of Steel soundtrack has the top spot for me, ‘Flight’ being a personal highlight of mine!
9) What’s your favourite animation of all time?
ImageAnimations are my no means a big love of mine, recent efforts that have impressed me would be Wreck-It Ralph and Despicable Me.  Childhood Disney classics such as Robin Hood and The Fox & The Hound also spring to mind but I think for my all time favourite it is a tie between Pixar’s Cars and Wall-e although I’d say that Wall-e does edge it! Although that is only in terms of movies, if we take animation as a whole I also love the Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z cartoons.  But my favourite is the nineties Spider-man cartoon, it is just great!
10) Do you have any favourite childhood movies that you now hate?
Nope, really don’t think there are any. Generally all my favourite childhood movies I still love!
11) Lastly, which do you prefer: a packed cinema auditorium on opening night or a quiet and empty cinema auditorium a week later? 
I am going to go with a packed cinema auditorium, although this does depend who it is filled with.  Filled with annoying school children who have no concept of what is appropriate in a theatre, no. However if it is filled with genuine movie fans there is nothing better than this for achieving that unreal cinema experience!
Thanks Ben’s Basement for those questions, really enjoyed that – follow him on twitter if you want: @BensBasementt
I nominate:
1) Dave Examines Movies
2) A Geek’s Blog
3) Elemental Reviews
4) Let’s Talk Movies
5) Hooray For Movies
6) What The Craggus Saw…
7) What About The Twinkie?
8) Riley Blogs
9) The Good The Bad and The Average
10) Irish Cinephile
11) The Ugliest Fraud
My Questions to you are as follows;
1) Who is your favourite actor and why?
2) Who is your favourite actress and why?
3) If you could only watch one genre of film for the rest of your life what would it be?
4) Who would play you in a film about your life?
5) What film would you like to see remade?
6) What is your best movie experience?
7) What is your favourite Superhero movie?
8) Who is you all time favourite villain from the movies?
9) What is that one movie that everyone loves but you hate?
10) Best opening sequence to a film?
11) Why do you love movies so much?
Have fun!

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