Seven (DVD Screening)


I love a good thriller, and there are many that I still have to explore.  Seven was one of these thrillers, another one that also I had only heard great things about so paired with the great leads (Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman) and director (David Fincher) I was sure that I wouldn’t be disappointed with what I saw.

Seven, is based around the seven deadly sins and each murder in this movie relates to one of these. This was a good plot and it allowed for a pattern to arise however I think it would have been much better to have kept this pattern hidden for a while longer than it is in the film and have used it as more of a revelation maybe 3/4 of the way through. However I understand that this inventive plot and the title of the film were used to intrigue viewers although I think obscuring the plot slightly wouldn’t have been a bad thing. Each murder itself was intricate and very detailed and at times I felt that some were glanced over. The fact that they were so out of the ordinary murders I thought it was shame at how quickly most were “solved” although I suppose with the label of a particular sin each time it became more easy. Also the sheer number of murders did mean that not as much time could be devoted to each one, which I understand.

Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt were fantastic as always however Kevin Spacey is the obvious star in this movie, delivering one of the most chilling performances I have seen. As soon as his character spoke on screen on the telephone I knew that it was Spacey as he has such a distinctive voice – what a fantastic casting decision.  He really was so sinister, the first proper look we get of him is when he walks into the police station but even though I knew what to expect I thought this scene was really creepy but brilliantly so. Unfortunately I had had the ending of this movie spoiled for me which was a real shame. I knew about the package and what was in it, however I wasn’t aware that this was the finale of the movie, so for me any shock value was removed which was really quite annoying. The fact is if I hadn’t have known about this scene I most likely would have been writing that it was one of the strongest movie endings ever and leading the way amongst thrillers. I am sure anyone who saw this scene without prior knowledge of it would have been shocked and amazed at this turn of events.  What I didn’t know was the way in which Spacey’s character (John Doe) used it to complete his work, turning himself into envy and Pitt’s character (Mills) into wrath was really clever and a fantastic twist.

If I am honest I was a little underwhelmed with Seven however this was mainly due to the fact that I had been told the ending, so in no way is this a fault of the film although accompanied with this would be the fact that Seven is hyped up a lot and the movie does take about an hour to really get going.  Still a fantastic thriller and a great movie but for the reasons I have mentioned I was a little let down, just a little though!

BIGGEST FLAW – Took about an hour to really get going

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Spacey’s great perfromance

Rating – 8/10


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