The Terminator (DVD Screening)


So yeah it is 2014 and yes The Terminator was released in 1984 so I know I am just the 30 years late in seeing this movie.  It was one of the many ‘classics’ that featured on my list of movies to watch, thankfully I got given this DVD as a gift so I no longer had any excuses as to why I hadn’t seen it yet, so literally the same afternoon I received it I decided to watch it.

The Terminator is such a popular film, it is quoted all the time so at times I almost felt like I had seen it but boy this film did not disappoint! It has everything you want from an 80s sci-fi action flick – those cheesy one liners, fantastic action sequences and of course a great big dollop of synth! Arnie was great as the Terminator, couldn’t really imagine anyone else playing the character and he helped to portray just how badass the Terminator was.  Now I know that the terminator couldn’t feel pain but that scene in which he cuts his own eye out was just so grim, but awesome at the same time! Also just loved how he wouldn’t die, I love a villain like this.  Although I genuinely thought that after Reese blew him up for the second time that would be the end of him so naturally it scared the crap out of me when just the torso began it’s assault on Sarah Connor! This was great though and the final sequence was brilliant, loved the last line from Connor – lines like this are a must for action movies! Despite this great ending I wouldn’t have minded another 15 minutes or so being added on and another action sequence to have been included as The Terminator didn’t even push the 2 hour barrier so maybe one or two more scenes would have been good, but what was here was more than adequate so I’m not complaining!

Despite being released in 1984 I actually thought that the look of the Terminator was pretty good when it lost its Arnie outer shell! I was fairly impressed, obviously when it had a lot of movement things became more difficult but I can’t hold it against expectations of 2014 special effects so in terms of this I thought a great job was done, and it did look genuinely sinister which I thought was cool. The Terminator must laugh in the face of I,Robot.  The action was top notch in The Terminator, my favourite scene had to be his assault on the police station and him driving the car through the entrance, this was fantastic. There are several more sequences like this to be enjoyed and action junkies should be more than satisfied with what is on offer here! Now the love story was a bit far-fetched but who cares! I liked how we got bits of two stories combining to be one, and the ending just leaves the franchise open for much more to happen, I am pretty excited to get stuck into the next installments.

BIGGEST FLAW – Maybe could have been a bit longer

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Creating the most badass cyborg/robot to be seen in a movie

Rating – 9/10


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