Godzilla (Cinema Screening)



I treasure the times when all that existed were the teaser trailers for Godzilla, if I could have bottled my excitement at that stage and continually topped myself up over the months that would follow I would have been sorted.  However after the relentless promotion that Godzilla has received I was honestly so sick of hearing and seeing it and I would not have been completely gutted to have missed it. Despite this I went to see it on its release date….such a hypocrite.

Basically Godzilla is easily the most disappointing film of the year so far, it should have been awesome however the film makers have managed to muck it up so badly which is a real shame.  My main issue is this – going into a film named ‘Godzilla’ you would expect to see quite a lot of this creature and maybe even expect the story to focus on this character but that was not the case here! Godzilla almost felt like an extra! There simply wasn’t enough of the big ass lizard shown, the film should be about him tearing shizz up unfortunately he turns out to be the good guy and actually saves the day – this made little sense to me.  Godzilla was also looking fairly on the chubby side and I wasn’t in love with the design – credit due for when the creature was traveling through the water as it looked really badass here however the rest of the time it just looked kind of dopey. I didn’t enjoy the inclusion of the M.U.T.Os either, I thought that they took away from Godzilla and similarly I wasn’t too fond of the design of these creatures.

There was a severe lack of action in this so called ‘blockbuster’ to the extent that I actually wanted the film to end which is never good. I think the film makers mistook shots of creatures roaring as action, I was so sick of this by the end.  There was potential here as there were numerous fight scenes however we never got to see them until the end! Every time one was beginning we got taken to another scene, I thought this was quite lazy to be honest – just seemed like they thought, “ahh well we can’t be bothered creating that fight scene, they can use their imagination for this scene.” These problems take so much away from what could have been a great film, ultimately the rest of the film was good. The cast do a great job and are convincing for the most part – although killing off Bryan Cranstons character so soon wasn’t a wise move.  His opening scenes were easily my favourite of the movie and they definitely should have featured him in more of the movie. Despite the elements of the design that weren’t to my taste the film also looked good, the fact that these elements were good and provided a solid foundation for the action just makes it so much more of a shame that Godzilla ended up being pretty pants.

The entire movie I was just thinking I wish I was watching Pacific Rim.  Now that is another debate in itself but ultimately I did not enjoy this movie, I was bored, baffled and let down – this could have been something great but instead it slips up on so many occasions.

BIGGEST FLAW – Forgetting to include the title character for most of the movie

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Bryan Cranston is fantastic as usual

Rating – 4/10


4 thoughts on “Godzilla (Cinema Screening)

  1. Ha ha – looks like we’ll have to agree to disagree, and on the same specific aspect too! My review drops this afternoon but suffice to say, you’re not the only one in my blog feed who didn’t like it/ found it boring.

    • Yeah, I have read loads of reviews today and that aspect seems to push people to one of two sides! I understand the points presented and can appreciate why teasing the monsters and cutting away from the fights were good etc however for me it didn’t have that sense of tension that was present in the likes of Jaws (which I love). However maybe I have brainwashed myself from my love of Pacific Rim ahaha! Just read your review there – good job man, it reads well!

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