A Million Ways To Die In The West (Cinema Screening)


So I don’t like Family Guy and I hated Ted, goodness knows why I thought I might like A Million Ways To Die In The West. Well when I first saw trailers for this movie I fondly remember actually laughing quite hard at it, unfortunately like so many other movies these days the trailers were ridiculously overplayed. The direct result of this was that I was sick of this movie before I had even seen it.

Things I don’t want to see in a movie. 1.) A sheep’s penis 2.) Liam Neeson’s ass, and 3.) A hat full of diarrhea. Ah well, it seems that A Million Ways manged to include all of these. These were only some of the vulgar comedic efforts featured in this movie failing to get laughs from its audience. You don’t have to be crude to be funny, when will people learn this? At times yes a touch of this kind of humour can be effective however when it is featured so much and made so obvious it just becomes disgusting and so far away from funny. The main source of this vulgar ‘humour’ came from Sarah Silverman’s character, her inclusion in this film only detracted from its quality. Although these scenes were always salvaged by her counterpart Edward (Giovanni Ribisi) who was able to contribute some humour at times. There were some funny lines in this movie, but there were also a lot of funny lines in The Avengers. A Million Ways was meant to be a comedy and for the majority of the film I wasn’t laughing, in my opinion this makes it a failure. It is also explicitly flawed in its title, a more appropriate name would have been, A Million Ways To Die In The West (That are all shown in the trailer). There was nothing new here for the viewer, all the gags were loaded into the trailer and there was little left to satisfy audiences.

Another aspect that did draw me to see this film was of course the good cast it has. The likes of Liam Neeson and Charlize Theron will always intrigue me, unfortunately the same can’t be said for Amanda Seyfried and Neil Patrick Harris who I am not fans of. However all the cast did perform well and were really the only reason that I was able to stick this movie out to the end. It was honestly so boring, at almost 2 hours there were nowhere near the amount of laughs required to sustain the viewers attention. The love story featured was too serious for a comedy, it felt more like one to be found in a chick flick than a wholehearted comedy, too much time was devoted to this – certainly a factor that caused my boredom. Sadly A Million Ways had to rely on cameos to get laughs, a lot of which weren’t even funny. With Bad Neighbours just having come out Seth MacFarlane was going to have to do a heck of a lot better to even come close to the standard of comedy that it set and it is safe to say that he did not achieve this. However one scene in this movie is to be praised, there is a fantastic song about a mustache, although its not particularly funny it is quite catchy and you will probably be singing it in your head for the rest of the film.

BIGGEST FLAW – Inclusion of so much unfunny crude ‘humour’

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – That mustache song

This is just one more tumbleweed of an entry into the list of Seth MacFarlane’s productions in my opinion.

Rating – 3/10 


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