The Bourne Ultimatum (DVD Screening)


After 3 weeks my viewing of the Damon Bourne trilogy is now complete. I struggle to imagine myself as a movie and specifically action fan not having these films included in the list that I had seen.  The first two films set up events well for what was to unfold here and the best was most certainly saved for last.

As I said both Identity and Supremacy set up the events in Ultimatum well, both of which were really solid action flicks within themselves but it has to be said that their true strength lies as part of this trilogy. Whilst I watched the first two installments I did enjoy them but I couldn’t help thinking that they didn’t quite reach their full potential and that something was missing.  Ultimatum is the answer to this problem, wow I flipping loved this entry. The transition from Identity to Supremacy saw Bourne become more badass and once again a further transition has only helped to strengthen this character even more. In this film we see Bourne get the answers that he wants and that we want. For that reason it is so satisfying, we finally find out who he really is and the finale is quite something. I thought that these scenes had a striking resemblance to the Wolverine storyline which I found quite amusing but I love origin stories, so this was always going to be a great trilogy for me to watch. The Bourne Ultimatum genuinely has one of the strongest finales to an action film and trilogy for that matter that I have ever seen. I did believe that Bourne had been killed and just as he discovered the truth about himself too! I would have been happy with this storyline but what came instead was so much better and properly brought a huge grin to my face as Extreme Ways by Moby played the credits out! Honestly fantastic.

Sorry, I got a bit ahead of myself there and jumped straight to the finale, but it was just that good. The rest of the movie is equally as brilliant though. The difference between this film and the first two is that the action here is constant, Ultimatum rarely takes a break, I loved this fast pace.You may think that this detracts from the quality of the action however it really didn’t. There were three main action sequences and they were all fantastic. Within each tension builds throughout to an exciting climax, keeping the viewer on the edge of their seat. My favourite was probably the sequence in the middle of the movie, here we saw Bourne get to show us what he could do on a motorbike rather than a car and the results were spectacular, also I was genuinely unsure of the fate of Parsons, it was in no way predictable which I loved. It was also fantastically clever to fill in a whole section of the story that we hadn’t seen as its only about 3/4 of the way through the movie that things pick up from the end of Supremacy, I loved this! Ultimatum was the perfect ending to a great trilogy, easily the strongest installment in the series and I finally got to see Jason Bourne go flat out and deliver the movie I had been wanting to see when I watched the first two. However making me wait two movies most definitely made it that bit better!

BIGGEST FLAW – Don’t think there was one

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Consistently awesome action sequences throughout

Rating – 10/10

Matt Damon as Jason Bourne, easily secured a place as one of my favourite movie characters and film series, now just for Legacy…


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