Guardians of the Galaxy (Cinema Screening)


So finally Guardians of the Galaxy has been released! What a year it has been for Marvel, with Captain America, Spider-man and the X-Men all having films this year and all being awesome! So was Guardians of the Galaxy able to continue this fantastic run for Marvel? Overall yes it was however I don’t think it is the strongest offering this year!

Guardians was a real mixed bag for several reasons. Humour plays such a huge role in this film, and thankfully it is genuinely funny. It has taken the humour levels from The Avengers and multiplied them by 10! The best moments for this humour was in the breakout from prison near the beginning of the movie, this whole sequence was really good. However as much as this humour was brilliant at times I really felt it undermined the film, it held it back from reaching its full potential. Now I understand that Guardians is supposed to be funny, and it does succeed in that but I really felt that this film had the potential to epic, but instead the inclusion of this humour took this away from the film. Now of course this humour makes the film very entertaining which is great but I think I could have been entertained whilst simultaneously enjoying a superhero epic. Guardians is a definite step away from the more serious and mature feel of Captain America: The Winter Solider that so many praised.

There was so much going on in this film, it reminded me a lot of Star Wars, although this was definitely a good thing! It’s the first film that has really been able to capture this kind of feel since! There was a lack of back story to this universe and most of the characters in it, this could have easily been the second or third film in this series, I would have appreciated some more time having been devoted to this just to set the scene. I thought some of the character development seemed rushed and almost non-existent in other parts! Ronan was a poor villain in my opinion, he too suffered from a lack of character development and I wasn’t at all impressed by him. Although his henchwoman, Nebula, who was played by Karen Gillan was fantastic. For me Nebula stole the show in terms of the villains featured in Guardians. She was so badass and I was really pleased that she wasn’t killed off in this outing as I am so excited for what can be done with this character in future films, Karen Gillan is just great in this role.

The rest of the cast also impress with all of the Guardians being likeable in their own ways. However my favourite had to be Bradley Cooper’s Rocket! Funnily this is the character that I had the most reservations about in the lead up to the film, there was no need for these though as despite being a raccoon, Rocket had such an interesting and diverse character. Oh and also he kicks ass at every available opportunity which I loved. The storyline was good and I enjoyed how things are starting to come together now and past post-credit scenes from previous films are making more sense, I am excited to see where these films go however again I did think the storyline was undermined by the humour. This was an issue I had with Thor The Dark World too although I think it is more of an issue here. Once you sifted through all the jokes the action was good but I would have liked more focus on particular elements!

Anyway Guardians of the Galaxy was incredibly entertaining and won’t disappoint, I know I would have liked the film more if the humour had been reigned in slightly but I am aware that most people will probably love this. Once I get used to it I am sure I will be able to enjoy the films more, in the meantime though I have a whole feast of new characters to fanboy over. Nice way to round off the year Marvel, good job.

BIGGEST FLAW – Humour undermining the film slightly

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Karen Gillan’s Nebula

Rating – 8/10



12 thoughts on “Guardians of the Galaxy (Cinema Screening)

  1. Just a quick point; Nebula isn’t Ronan’s sister, she’s Gamora’s sister. Thanos (their Father) essentially “loaned” them out to Ronan, who was just an ally of Thanos, until he betrayed him.

    Good review though. Think you enjoyed it more than me (I found it all very formulaic, especially in the final act) but it was still a decent film.

  2. Critique the film as it is, not as you’d like it to be. Not everything has to be an ultra-dour “epic”. Guardians is a comedy. This is like wishing for more humour in Schindler’s List.

    • I have critiqued it as it is. I have recognised how large a role comedy plays in this film. I stated that I enjoyed this and did find it funny HOWEVER the comedy featured took away from the other elements of this film in my opinion (adventure/sci-fi/action etc) due to the frequency of it. It is nothing like wishing for more humour in Schindler’s list, that is a pretty ridiculous comparison. I didn’t want it to be an “ultra-dour”epic”” I was really enjoying the balance that Guardians had but as the film went on that balance was tipped further one way than the other, this is where my critique comes from. It’s an opinion and a valid critique.

  3. Interestingly, I had a similar opinion about Thor 2, that the humour in it killed some of the tension. I didn’t, however, feel it in Guardians. For me, the balance was just right between jokes and serious notes. I think some of the darker moments (Rocket’s reflections, the big ball of wood) worked because of how jokey the rest was.

    Despite all that, I think I can certainly get behind your score 🙂

    • Yeah I was surprised that more people didn’t feel the same way about Thor 2! Anyway I thought that I would be in the minority for Guardians. I did find it hilarious, just in parts and especially the finale I thought it was out of place. I did like the darker moments too however at times I found it hard to connect as I was expecting an injection of comedy at all times! Yeah like it is only one issue and I am almost certain that it will disappear with future viewings!

  4. Surprised about the score considering your flaws with the film. For me I really dug Guardians, it was a very different kind of superhero film which in many ways isn’t that in line with a superhero film and more with just the sci-fi genre. The humour was great and probably the most consistent of any of the Marvel films, the humour was never forced and always found the right moments to show up. But more than that this film had a great balance between humour and drama too, the characters had some truly touching moments together. I loved the core team especially Star-Load, Rocket and Groot, they were my stand out people. While the film I think misses the surprise and filthy gorgeousness of the action of Captain America 2, it more than makes up for it with a great cast of characters, beautiful visuals and a soundtrack that is just amazing and unforgettable.

    • I did love the humour, as in in was genuinely funny however at times I did think it was misplaced. Agree with the characters, they are all brilliant and do have their touching moments but because of the constant humour I always expected those touching moments to be underpinned by humour so couldn’t fully invest!

  5. Great review. Guardians.. was simply one of the best time I’ve had at the movies in 2014 so far, second to The Lego Movie. Brilliantly hilarious, daring and smart. Loved the film. 🙂

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