Step Up All In (Cinema Screening)

5542_4123(Spoiler free)

No way can dance movies still be a craze!? This craze of break dancing and then dancing in films was a craze when I was growing up, now that I am grown up I am amazed that this craze is still alive. Anyway despite the nature of these films, I have to admit that the Step Up series is quite a guilty pleasure of mine.

Firstly I feel I should explain myself as to why I am partial to a dance movie. I have to admit that I do find break dancing quite cool, I always have done and I still find a lot of the dancing quite impressive and it is actually something that I would love to be able to do myself. On top of this a large part of my taste in music would have to be dance music, and often some of the best of this genre of music is featured in these movies. I also think that they are just a bit of fun. It could almost be compared to my love of creature features, I am aware that the films are generally terrible but for me both these genres come under the ‘it’s so bad, that it’s good’ bracket.

So anyway is Step Up 5 any good? Well it is a terrible movie, it has patchy acting at best and a predictable plot but did I enjoy it? Yes, yes I did, and quite a bit too. Fans of this series should enjoy seeing some past characters make a return and a bit more continuity than previous efforts. Step Up 5 is funny, not necessarily for the right reasons but it definitely had me laughing – some of those laughs were intentional but a lot weren’t, if I’m laughing though does it matter? If I’m honest I was a little disappointed with the dancing sequences, at first they seemed unexciting and unoriginal. The same could be said for the accompanying soundtrack, the songs chosen weren’t great, there was a heavy dubstep influence which was used too much. I am partial to a bit of dubstep but it was the classic dance music that was lacking for me. However as the film went on this did improve and the finale was what I had been waiting for and more like the usual Step Up spectacle that we are all used too. 

Overall if you don’t like dance movies or the Step Up series stay well away as you will never like this film. Fans of the franchise may be a little disappointed to start with but you should have your fix by the time the credits role and I would imagine that you will have a great time.

BIGGEST FLAW – Too much dubstep


Rating – 6/10


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