Let’s Be Cops (Cinema Screening)

Lets-Be-Cops-poster(Spoiler free)

At first when trailers surfaced for Let’s Be Cops I did a double take, I was like oh so we are getting a New Girl movie now? Alas I was wrong it just turns out two of the actors who feature in the TV series also play the two lead roles in this movie; Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. I had low expectations for this movie, to me it had ‘all the funny bits in the trailer’ written all over it and I just didn’t think it would work. I was wrong, as I often am!

I love when a movie proves me wrong or exceeds my expectations and Let’s Be Cops certainly did that. Now I have to say that the whole plot is ridiculous, I thought this would have been a barrier for me but strangely it wasn’t, not even a little bit. The movie does seem to be just like an extended episode of New Girl and for the majority of the movie I thought of the lead characters as Nick and Coach rather than Ryan and Justin. However this was not a problem. This pair of actors have such great chemistry that minor character details did not matter. Johnson and Wayans Jr. just work together so well, they are great in New Girl and were great here. Their characters most definitely vary from those in their TV careers though, but not so much that we lose what we love about these two actors so much. Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill better watch out as this pair just nailed it in terms of the buddy cop movie. Let’s Be Cops, like 22 Jump Street is a comedy, was it as funny? No, but it didn’t have to be. Let’s Be Cops was genuinely funny throughout, it never ceased to amuse me. Whereas the likes of 22 Jump Street and other 2014 comedies such as Bad Neighbours made me laugh out loud, there is a difference but both styles are funny and that is why Let’s Be Cops worked despite not achieving as many ‘lol’ moments. 

Another reason why I liked this movie was just because I could completely identify with the characters, especially Ryan. His excitement at being a cop, getting the gear and driving the car etc was just so believable and I imagine if most guys got the chance they would love to do some of what goes on in this movie, it was just so much fun to watch. I genuinely want to go as a cop to the next fancy dress party I am invited to! This movie is clever too, although it is a little predictable the ending was really well constructed and it delivered what the audience wanted to see, and Rob Riggle shows up halfway through which is always a bonus. Some gags do go down without as much as a tumbleweed but what comedy doesn’t have these moments? The film builds well and the constant inclusion of immaturity and references to popular culture just made it so much more enjoyable. I imagine this film will probably get quite poor reviews as it isn’t always laugh out loud hilarious, it does feature a ridiculous plot and it isn’t always that original. I was going to say that this was a bad movie but I enjoyed it, but it isn’t bad – I enjoyed it and for the right reasons so I have no issues in stating what a great movie this is.

People wanting to go to the cinema and laugh for the whole time will be disappointed but fans of these actors will not be. Let’s Be Cops offers us more of what we have come to love about Johnson and Wayans Jr. There is never a dull moment and it always gets the balance right in terms of the plot. What a refreshing movie, something that doesn’t take itself too seriously but is still credible. If you can’t tell by now, I really did enjoy this film.

BIGGEST FLAW – Some gags did fall flat

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Chemistry between Johnson and Wayans Jr.

Rating – 9/10


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