Doctor Who – Into The Dalek (TV Screening)


After the overall really positive opener to series 8 last week we are now fully underway with series 8 of Doctor Who. Just a thought I had as I watched this episode, I couldn’t quite believe that I was into my 4th Doctor since beginning to watch the show, the writers really have built up a fantastic back catalogue of episodes, characters and stories since 2005. This week we see the return of The Daleks and a strange discovery, a good Dalek! Is this even possible? An issue that the characters themselves wrestle with in this episode.

With this series I am hoping for an improvement in the writing, since the departure of Russell T Davies it just hasn’t been up to the same standard and unfortunately the start of series 8 doesn’t fill me with a lot of hope. Into The Dalek reminded me a lot of some previous episodes such as ‘Dalek’, ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’ and ‘Journey To The Centre of the Tardis’ for various reasons. Now that is not to say that it was a bad episode I just thought it was clear that influence was drawn from these other episodes. I think if this series is to be a success there needs to be some really original ideas and stories included. Despite not really getting this in Into The Dalek I still really enjoyed this episode, Dalek antibodies – that was just great!

The Daleks can be pretty hit and miss, some view them as fan favourites and others think they are over-rated. Personally I really like the Daleks and I am just thankful that they have got rid of those awful looking coloured Daleks from the Matt Smith era, I really didn’t like them and I much prefer the design that is on offer here. As The Doctor and Clara venture inside the Dalek in this episode at the beginning there was very little action in terms of the Dalek itself, I found this a worry as I knew that I could easily bore if this was to make up the entirety of the 45 minute episode. Much to my relief we got some real Dalek action quite soon into the episode. This was actually some really nice action and probably the best we have seen from the Daleks in a long time. I enjoyed the battle sequences and thought it really got back to the Eccelstons and Tennant days of the Daleks when they were certainly more of a formidable enemy.  So overall I thought the story was good and the action was great.

For me Peter Capaldi still isn’t the Doctor, I still think of Matt Smith when I think of Doctor Who. I am aware that this will take time but Capaldi is doing a good job. I love that accent of his and his new attitude which sees him being blunt and to the point is rather refreshing. Clara seems to have regenerated too in this series, her character is endlessly more interesting and has a dept that wasn’t seen before. The scene that saw Clara slap The Doctor was fantastic, and this was not a slap because he was being cheeky, this was a slap out of pure anger, and I loved it! With practically two new lead characters there is plenty to look forward to in terms of their relationship developing. As well as this we had another appearance from Missy and we were introduced to Danny Pink. Mr Pink’s past is sure to be explored and I’m certain that the Doctor will have something to say about his previous occupation.

So Into The Dalek, whilst being slightly unoriginal it did have a solid story with some nice action sequences. The Doctor and Clare continue to intrigue with the new elements to their characters and there is plenty for us to mull over which most certainly will contribute to the overall series.

Rating – 7.5/10


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