Doctor Who – Listen (TV Screening)


We are already at episode number 4 in the brand new series of Doctor Who and Peter Capaldi has fitted in well to the role. Listen is the title of this episode and has to have been the episode I have anticipated most out of this new batch of adventures! Listen looked like it had the potential to be darker and scarier than the standard episodes, the likes of these episodes are always highlights for me, so did it deliver?

Doctor Who is such a wonderful show as it has so much versatility, it can go from more lighthearted and silly episodes to the noticeably more sinister ones. In the shows history there have been some really chilling episodes. Some of the ones that had me hiding behind a cushion include, The Impossible Planet, The Satan Pit, Blink, Midnight and The Waters of Mars. Of course many others have their moments too but these were the ones that were consistently scary. Now whilst Listen won’t be up there with my favourite scary episodes it certainly was just that, scary! Steven Moffat was back to his best with this episode providing some really chilling sequences, most notably the one featuring a young Danny Pink in the children’s home. This scene demanded my full attention and whilst it didn’t have any terrifying reveal it still managed to have an air of horror about it. This was definitely the defining moment in the episode and after this it  just wasn’t as scary but I was still cautious with my viewing.

As well as scary this episode was smart, but I would expect nothing less from Moffat. It was smart in several ways throughout the episode, the whole Danny storyline was great and I enjoyed the different aspects that were on offer here. Mr. Pink is making for a very interesting character and one that I can’t wait to see explored more. Furthermore, the revelation that Clara was the monster under the bed was something I didn’t see coming and it was very clever. Then building upon this the reference to The Day of The Doctor was a very nice touch. Now I do have to admit that I was a little disappointed, whilst the episode was clever I did kind of want a terrifying alien to be behind the theory the Doctor had, something to rival the Weeping Angels maybe? The overall concept was really great, never being truly alone and talking to yourself – I thought this was lost a bit as the episode went on and I would have liked to see it explored a bit more. In addition to this, the revelation about Clara did leave a few gaping plot holes though, who/what wrote ‘LISTEN’ on the blackboard? Anyway what would Doctor Who be without a few plot holes?

Despite a little disappointment, just a little, Listen is easily the strongest episode of the new series. It develops the character of Danny Pink really well so he now feels like an established character in the show. On top of this it was just so clever and it had messages about fear and companionship. It may not be what many Who fans were expecting from the episode but let it sink it for a few days and I am sure you will learn to appreciate it for what it is.

Rating – 9/10


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