Doctor Who – Time Heist (TV Screening)


So 5 episodes into the new series of Doctor Who and whilst I have enjoyed the episodes so far none have really impressed me that much. Last weeks effort, Listen, came very close however due to plot holes and lacking a bit of punch it did fall a little short. Like every week, I thought that this episode, Time Heist had a lot of potential.

Time Heist easily ranks as the best episode of the new series. It has so much going for it; a bank robbery, memory loss, a half computer half human, a new alien and a strong adversary. This is the first episode in which I felt fully committed and was just enjoying every twist and turn. The plot wasn’t over complicated but it was never simple creating the perfect balance of intrigue and understanding. The Teller is the new alien in this episode, looking to have borrowed David Tennants Doctors spacesuit from The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit, and its inclusion was a great addition to the story. Whilst it wasn’t scary it was interesting and offered another element to this story. It’s abilities in sensing guilt was cool and the overall design was impressive, gimmicks were avoided by refraining from giving this creature the ability to talk or anything like that which I was very glad of. In charge of this alien was Ms Delphox (Keeley Hawes) this character was polished and a good fit for the setting, however I would have liked her to be a bit meaner, it just would have given this episode a bit more of an edge.

Another element that was lacking and has been in this whole series so far was a few good chase sequences. These used to be free flowing in the time of Eccelston and Tennant however seem to have been lost over the years. Time Heist would have been the perfect opportunity to bring these back, the addition of one or two of these to the episode would really have enhanced it. Although something refreshing in this episode was how great the secondary characters were. Both Psi and Saibra were really interesting and I actually cared about them which is something considering they only had minutes to impress. The twists in this episode regarding these characters were brilliant and I was glad to see them brought back. Time Heist brought all of these elements together so effortlessly and not once did I think “that’s a bit stupid” or “that doesn’t really make sense” this was one of the times in a while I could properly enjoy an episode as I wasn’t being overly critical.

Time Heist is the benchmark for the rest of the series and I hope that we will be treated to more episodes like this in the near future. I’d love to see a return for the characters of Psi and Saibra in another episode and could really see potential to make these characters more long term, I’m just glad that the option is there. Almost a perfect episode, what was there was great but a few more additions would have made this the perfect Who adventure.

Rating – 9.5/10


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