Doctor Who – Kill The Moon (TV Screening)


Hard to believe we are already at episode 7 of this new series of Doctor Who. Whilst many of the episodes have been solid in this series none have really felt like The Doctor Who I know and love. Anyway this week sees the return of the orange spacesuits once again in ‘Kill The Moon’.

Kill The Moon has to be my favourite episode so far. The last 3 episodes have been pretty great im my opinion but Kill The Moon just had all the elements that I want from a Doctor Who episode. Firstly a great setting, the moon. A familiar setting in one way but with loads of potential for mystery and adventure. Then came the aliens foes, in this case it was the spider like bacteria which was a fitting touch to the episode. The spider like nature of these creatures made them rather creepy and provided a perfect threat for the Doctor and co. Then there was the twist revealing that the moon was in fact an egg waiting to hatch. I thought this was really inventive and I really enjoyed this part of the story. These elements work so well together and provide the basic foundation for a great 45 minute escapade.

Unfortunately it wasn’t all good, the biggest flaw in this episode was the inclusion of the character Courtney. She was beyond irritating, her very presence on screen evoked annoyance in me. The Doctor summed it up quite well when he said; “Courtney, don’t spoil the moment!” Thankfully the strength of this episode was able to almost nullify her involvement however she does her best to try and ruin the atmosphere and story on offer here. Once again the secondary characters are less than interesting and I felt we had seen them all before. However what made up for this, much like the rest of this series, was a certain emotional weight that was present in this episode. Firstly as the characters debated whether or not to kill the moon, these scenes were great and I really liked how the Doctor left it up to the 3 human characters. Of course the repercussions of his actions provoked one of the best scenes of the series so far as Clara confronts him and seemingly decides to stop traveling with him. It seems that as Clara and Capaldi’s Doctor can’t have a flirty relationship or just a friendly one the writers have seen the opportunity to explore a more troubled relationship between the pair, this is a great thing though as its fresh and it gives certainly Clara a lot more presence and worth as a character.

Kill The Moon has something for all Whovians and should impress across the board, it has everything you could want but unfortunately some things that you really don’t too. This episode really could have worked well as a two-parter but even just confined to the 45 minutes Kill The Moon easily jumps straight to the top of my favourite episodes of the series.

Rating – 9/10


2 thoughts on “Doctor Who – Kill The Moon (TV Screening)

    • haha, I know – I was really amused when I read your review and discovered that we differed on this element, at least we both agreed that this was great episode though!

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